Sunday, December 8, 2013

benefit agent zero shine releasing on February 2014 ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

Sunday night. Weekend comes to the end. Get ready for Monday Blue. lol. 
Let me update something personal first before i tell you what is on my hand ! I watched #TheWhiteStorm and it is the best #bromance movie ever for me. Of course there is still some love relationships between woman and man (since they're not GAY) but overall it is about their #bromance and made me love them even more. <3 Go watch. Definitely a movie you never wanted to missed. 

Christmas is just around the corner. But it falls on Wednesday. I don't think Malaysia got #publicholiday for it. #sad

Back to today's main topic. 
Been invited to the benefit's agent zero shine press launching which the product will be released only on February 2014 as i mentioned earlier in the #FavoriteofTheMonth. I know i'm so lucky (but why can't you say i deserved it ?' hahaha), i will WORK HARD for it. <-- I love benefit  because they've always came out with cosmetic products which really amazed me, something like the POREfessional which is one of my favorite. Let's see what was happened on the event. 

Walk around. - ignore my toe nails please and thanks. 

They'd trying to carry out the presentation of the product in a fun and more exciting way. Nice Try. but a little draggy. A telescope provided to each attendee for us to 'scope' something up, lol. Look left. Right. Up. for something. They actually prepared a scenario for the presentation of the product and Paige was taking part. Scroll down. 

After demo on how-to & how-effective the product is, we'd head off to the archery field in order to get our goodies - which is the product itself. I never tried archery and never dare to try because it is hard ?' It need a lots of force in order to send the arrow out and hit the dashboard ?' Indeed it is. lol. So this is the first time i tried and i fell in love with it and wanted to go for another round, lol. It is quite fun but definitely not easy, at all. 
Got My Goodies.  
We Made It. lol. 

Try my best to come out with the product's post, kay ?' 
Like i said, the product will be released only on February 2014 so i'm not informed with how much it costed yet. Will update you guys once they send me the price, maybe ?' After seeing all the fun activities on the event's day itself, so what is the function of this product ?' if you still have no idea about it. >...< 

. mattifying. pore perfecting. invisible finish. ultra lightweight 

To use :-
Twist off built-in brush from base. Then tap powder into lid and dip brush. Sweep on moisturized skin or over makeup to instantly mattify your complexion. *COPIED*

Click here for what i think about the product. 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤


Mr Lonely said...

that's great opportunity to have so much chance getting product reviewed

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Aiya very ngam me! I have really oily skin :(

Sabby Prue said...

i havent tried it yet! i will soooonish. P/s I love your eyebrow! <3

Shivi@COSMOCHICS said...
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Azwa Amanina said...

super awesome blog.Im sooo excited with this product (ehem oily skin alert).im a little envious tho cos you were invited lol.but then again,i never get any invitation before lmao.