Friday, December 20, 2013

Colorful Outfit, #OOTD ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

Don't laugh at what i'm gonna say next, okay ?' *promise, please* 
This post gonna be an #OOTD's post which i've dressed up for the #DressCode of the event which is COLORFUL. I didn't get the best-dressed, of course but i wanna do this because i think it is nice til now, hahah. And thanks #iamlizzieleong [instagram] for those awesome photos. 

This wasn't my first time doing #OOTD's post. I used to do it almost everyday but don't, please don't try to check back. Those are disaster. This might not be competitive to those fashion's blog post but i hope this one does better than the posts i did, haha. Hope you enjoy :) 

Didn't took that much Full Body #OOTD's picca(s) and what i got turned out not that presentable so below are picca(s) taken with RosalynTan & LizzieLeong. <3 Will try to do more #OOTD's post in the future but of course with the condition that i do dressed up well (at least i have to think so, lol).
Taken by Rosalyn's phone. 

TOP (Neon Pink Short Sweater)
DRESS (Yellow with Black and White Collar) 
BAG (Neon Green) 
SHOES (Glittering Sneaker) 

Above-mentioned are from Berjaya Times Square. 

HAIRCOLOR (bottom part) 
from Hair Depot's hair chalks. 

Have A Nice Weekend ... ❤

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