Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Favorite Products of November ... ❤

Call me Flower Boy. - using benefit Anti Shine Agent & Mary Quant's lippie

Howdy guys ... :) 

Forced myself to update today because obviously no one would like to visit a dead blog ... 
Gonna do Favorite Products of the Month ! Have done one long time ago and finally feel like doing one again ! So are you excited to see what are those products ?' xD Here we go ... 

First one will be this set of INFINITY KOSE's skin care regime which the samples given by Vanity Trove. I don't really like getting skin care samples because i don't wanna hurt my skin since it is already sensitive and problematic. I decided to try this on because my usual skin care regime ran out and i lazy to hit the drugstore so use this as a temporary solution but now i never wanted to switch back anymore >...< after realized it's doing so good on my skin and i really feel like getting them (in big size) but you know lah, costly :( It made my skin look radiant and super easy to apply makeup and of course make my makeup look good especially the foundation/base. Click here for the related blogpost. 

I got this hair care products from Hair Depot's workshop and finally get to try them. 
It is as magical as the mythic oil (the shampoo i mentioned before) or maybe even more magical. My hair really silky and smooth after blow-dry. The shampoo is transparent in color but not really forming foams like a normal shampoo does and the mask is not that slick in texture like normal conditioner/mask does (green in color :O) but it did does it's job well by giving me a smooth and silky hair after rinse & blow-dry. You can get them in Hair Depot. Click here for the related blogpost. 

This lippie given to me long time ago. 
But i don't bothered to try it on because the color freak me out as i want a natural makeup look and avoiding to go edgy/bold. I accidentally put it on last last Saturday while trying to finalize my makeup by putting lippie on and guess what ! I'm so IN LOVE with it man. It is so natural when it is on the lips. It might look darker when it applied on hand but it is so lovely on the lips and the first photo (selca) of this blog post able to show it to you ... *pout* Click here for the related blogpost. 

It is already one of my favorite products ! 
It will be launched only on February 2014 but i'm already using it >...< Unbelievable.
What i can tell is that it really does it's job ! It vanished the shininess on your face with invisible finish so that it will not make your base looking matt-finished (matt-finished look cak-ey in a close distance). I love it and guess what ?' It comes with a mini brush at the bottom so you don't have to worry about getting the loose-powder-type-brushes if you don't have one. But i find that the brush attached is quite harsh to my skin at certain angle or maybe i'm using it the wrong way lah ~ You may start saving up now. *blogpost about this will be up asap*

If you love berries/strawberries then you definitely will love this one ! 
You can't really take it as your perfume as the scent is not that long-lasting but trust me ! you will keep spraying this for a fresh-berries air. xD from CANMAKE

That's all for today ... 
Call me Flower Boy. 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤


Mieza Everdeen said...

I really would love to try that Agent Zero Shine! I never had any Benefit products though, maybe this one would be my first? hehe! You're so lucky to have gotten to try it before everyone else ;)

Carolyn Tay said...

You look so pretty in the pic yoooo! I wanna try Benefit agent zero shine too :(

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