Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hi-Tea Session with ServerFreak by The Butterfly Project ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Honestly, i have never been to any hotel for hi-tea session before and thanks to The Butterfly Project for the very first time hi-tea session in my life, appreciated. Some more, it was with butterflies and serverfreak. I bet a hi-tea session with anyone will be an awkward one except someone you really close and just gossip away, haha. 

I bet lots of you have tried blogging before right ?' Or running a blog ?' For whatever platform you are using now ... We all have somehow came across wordpress, i reckon. I have been to wordpress and i think i still have an account there but never bothered to really put some effort on it because whenever i went there and trying to figure out how to use it and how to somehow make it appear to be 'attractive' to readers, i'm FAILED. Big failed. IT IS SO COMPLICATED. Need to download this and that. Need to drag this here and there. >...< 

When you have no idea or trying to save your energy from those elusive setting up then it is time for you to get a web hosting to get it done for you and all you need to do is just blog away whatever you want. Let's see what is it about in the hi-tea session with serverfreak by The Butterfly Project

Venue :-
B 07-1 (Ground Floor) Plaza Kelana Jaya
Jalan SS7/13A, Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. 

Decorations + Desserts :-
Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party


Let's talk about serverfreak before we proceed to more picca(s) ...

Told you right ?' They get it fully setup for you and what you need to do is just blog away whatever you want. Either fashion?' Beauty ?' Lifestyle ?' Or even a blogshop ! 


With the wordpress easy setup package by serverfreak, you get ...

You get a free domain of your choice of either .com / .net / .biz / .info and more. 
Always wanted to get one (domain) but don't really know how is it work ?' Get the package and get it free as well as other benefits within. You can purchase a domain from serverfreak as well and they charged RM45 per year if i didn't mistaken. They will give you a domain BUT if you get it with package, anything goes wrong in your blog, they will provide you technical support 24/7. 

This template we provided is so flexible that you can even design your favorite blog header and upload it on your blog ! 

At anytime you face technical problem with your blog, we will be there to assist you. Just email us at our helpdesk 24hrs a day !

Our template comes with all basic widgets needed by bloggers such as social media icons link, visitor stats, search bars, recent popular post listing and many more !

You can even insert your affiliate advert or sell advertisement space on your blog immediately to earn some income !
I talked to one of my blogger acquaintance and how she frustrated over that her wordpress's blog cannot insert any advert on her blog and in order for her to do so, she needs to upgrade her blog. So with this package, no need to worry about that. It is there for you. 


I can't recall how much it costs for this package but if i didn't mistaken, it costs around RM200 ++ per year. Need further information, click here for their website. 

Let's proceed to some random picca(s) of the day ...
The team behind The Butterfly Project's community. <3 
Edazz was singing. <3

Photobooth by 1 2 3 Cheese :-
I / We took lots of picca but didn't managed to show it here because it is kinda hard to capture the picca printed as the material of the photo reflects light. >...< 

Picca(s) / Selca and etc.  

 Taken by SilvianaLim ... <3
With AliceTan.  
with SilvianaLim. 
with Yuh Juin. 
with CarolineNgMayLing. 

serverfreak FaceBook :-

serverfreak Twitter :-

TaDa ~~~ 

Merry Christmas ... 
Have A Blast One ... ❤

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