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How to Boost your Blog's Traffic ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

Kicked off this post with a #selca but that doesn't mean this is a #bimbo's blog, okay ?' *irritated* 
Let's talk about how to boost blog's traffic ! If you come here for an answer then sorry, NO i don't have one and i'm still figuring it out. >...< Maybe you can drop me/us a comment if you have already figured it out. 

My blog's traffic do increased compare with before but still it didn't reach the number i want. Traffic is everything for a blog; No Traffic, Nothing Happened *copied*. So i went to a friend and ask how to boost my blog's traffic and she always refer my blog as a bimbo's blog (which i quite unhappy with that) and she told me not to have a bimbo's blog for sure because no clients or brands willing to associate with "the Bimbo's Blog" . I admit that i like to selca and share it here but nowadays i have try my best to reduce the number of selca appearing on my blog and pick the best and most presentable one but still ... wth. Of course, my selca will still keep showing up here maybe because this is my blog, lol. (she rarely read my bimbo blog one, some more this is a long words post, hahaa) 

1. DON'T BE A BIMBO's BLOG - from my friend
For me, this is definitely not a reason for not having a good blog traffic and you know why ?' Look at the most famous Asian's blogger, Xia Xue ! Of course she did a lots of work to make those photos look so damn 'presentable' and she is not really just a bimbo as she shares thought on her blog as well (which always amused me/everyone). But still, what made her a famous blogger ?' Her super duper 'presentable' photos ! 
Wait ! That doesn't mean we all shall start taking lots of selca and make it super duper 'presentable'. It is still depends on whether you have the 'qualifications' to do so. I saw a lots of blogger plagiarizing the way Xia Xue did advertorials and NO man, not everyone 'qualified' to do so. =...= It only make me feel "Oh No !" haha 
But i understood why 'my friend' came out with the statement because she hates seeing bimbo's blog which always full of selca ! I dislike bimbo's blog as well but i do love those with super super 'presentable' photos one like Xia Xue, Yutakis, Miyake and etc. Simply because they are so good-looking. lol.

Okay ... 
Even though you have a bimbo or maybe close-to-pornsite's blog, you still need to get attention to your blog in order for people to notice there is a bimbo's blog or there is a naked woman's blog right ?' lol. If you google "How To Boost Blog's Traffic" then you will come across lots of 'theories' for blog traffic's boosting but are they really working ?' 

2. Gain More Likes on FaceBook's page - from website
I got myself a Facebook's page and the link is at the side column there -->, go click 'like' before you proceed reading, haha. 
In order to get more likes and exposure, what you gonna do is pay and promote your page, that's all. Easy pee-cy. But what ?' After you gained all those likes ?' Thousands something nearly 10 thousand ?' You will not see your blog's traffic growing one, i'm pretty sure about this. And you can see even the Page got 10 000++ likes but the status update likes only 1 or 2 then hmm ... I don't really see the point of it. 
But still, a FaceBook's page is quite important. Just that it didn't really help in blog traffic's boosting. 

3. Do Giveaways - from my friend
This is definitely a good idea for gaining more likes and followers to your social networks and also your traffic to your blog as everyone wanna freebies including me (but the fact is i never bothered to enter any of them >...<) and what after the giveaways ?' Will people still come back while you don't do any giveaways ?' Or just have to keep doing giveaways on everything, lol. I prefer those who like my blog's contents instead of those come here just for freebies ! Of course when my blog reaches certain numbers of reader, i will do giveaways for appreciation and of course you don't have to like my page, follow my twitter, my instagram and etc. So i bet Giveaways is one of the method. 

4. Get Yourself More Exposure - from me
This is my own opinion lah ~ 
Get yourself more exposure as in participated in those Miss Malaysia's search those kind of competition because everyone is watching that and it goes internationally. But you have to write a considerable good blog in order to maintain the numbers. But i know not everyone qualified for that, like me. wth. haha. This one definitely works. 

5. Keywords - from my friend
I bet everyone know about this. Keywords as in what is the trending on Google, Yahoo and etc. Like Paul Walker. I saw quite a number of bloggers using it as their material for blog post and i bet you gained a lots of traffic right ?' Well Done, bro. In using dead people. If you have a good blog then they will come back but if you don't have one then i have nothing to say lah. Enjoy one-day high traffic. lol. If you are running a porn website then the keyword will be "sexy", "asian" - i don't know how and why asian connected to porn ! Can't you just used Japan instead of Asian (insulted), "boobs" and etc. *go figure it out yourself* 

6. Post Blog's Link and Share - from my friend
Join more group (on FaceBook) and post your blog's link. 
This one is working quite well but still not giving a real big hand to the traffic. Because you are not getting public's attention but bloggers. Regrading about share link, will you share a random and unfamous blog's link ?' Normal people won't do it. I know by sharing the link you will definitely get more and more attention and getting more and more non-bloggers' attention but how ?' How to get people to share your link ?' Hmm ... Inbox and bug your friends to share lah ~ haha. 

Okay lah ~ 
Too much for me to handle already ! Brain exploding soon, lol. 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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