Thursday, December 5, 2013

Liebster Award ... ❤

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Howdy guys ... :)

Thanks Gawd it's is Fly-day man !
Thanks for the tagging, Lizzie Leong ...
I will never feel annoyed by this kind of post because i like answering questions about myself! lol. Not to mention those bullshit/harassing or repeating questions which will enraged me, haha ! Previous one was tag by Carol which is about being a freak, this time would be a normal one which about blogging and ourselves ! Here we go ... 

1. When did i started blogging ?'
You can see from my ARCHIVE (side column) there that i started this blog at 2010.
If you dare to check back what i've blogged about all the while then i think you will have a real hard time on me already. xD I blogged about craps and all those mind-thought stuffs (and some can be really open-minded one >...<). I really feel like deleting all those craps but sometimes you just need to have something to remind yourself how ridiculous you've had been :D By the way, my blog started to get notice only since January 2013. I guess i'm still a newbie ~ Still learning and trying to improve my blog. 

2. How did i started blogging ?'
Actually it is after i saw Jane Chuck's blog because she took all the pretty selca so i started to selca as well and i thought i will need a blog to show them off, lol (how silly i am ?') ... And obviously it didn't work for everyone. And now i don't really show that much of my own selca off (but i still selca a lots xD) because it is so 'paiseh' unless it is pretty, hahahahha ... 

3. What is the most annoying thing for being a blogger ?'
My answer would be "Need to impress someone ..." 
My 'someone' addressing to a lots of people like clients form different brands, consultancy/PRs to get more 'opportunities', readers so that they will keep visiting and etc. I used to blog whatever i want before my blog started to get notice but it is really inappropriate lah ~ haha But i'm quite enjoy blogging so it doesn't really matter but still will try my best to impress everyone lerrrr ... xD 

4. What is the happiest thing of being a blogger ?'
Getting goodies, perhaps ?' lol 
My answer would be meeting lots of people like bloggers, clients/PRs and also some random handsome party-goers (lol ! This never happen but i'm looking forward). I've met Carol & Silviana which is one of the happy thing in my blogosphere and also met CN Blue in such a close distance (press conference). :P Of course, other than making friends, i also get to know how the blogosphere works! There must be some bitches/forever-ass-kisser/asshole in order for us to differentiate between the good one and the bad one, lol. This for sure make my life more interesting and more topic when come to chitchatting with close friends. xD (But no worry ! I swear i will never hurt them in a conspicuous way, lol. wtf.)  

5. If you're given a chance to live other's life, who would i choose ?'
I would say "Me ! FrankieRoseUni ..." 
I've been through a lots ! Lots of lost as well as gain (probably weight lah xD) ! I'm happy and blessed that i'm able to make through all this and that and now i'm still alive to seek for what's the next chapter of my life's story and working hard to get back what i've lost. If i chosen someone's life or to start all over again then what's the point of surviving through all those lost ?' Lesson learned and new stuff's ahead. Everyone have their own' problems so why keep thinking about other's life but not live your own life to the fullest ?' 

6. What is my favorite movie ?' Why ?' 
My favorite movie's genre will be HORRORS ! I can't live without watching horror in once a while. It does freak me out sometimes but i will never get aftermath-trauma and probably it's caused by the sickness of the society securities, lol. So, horrors to 'cheer' me up ?!' 

7. What's my favorite food & drinks ?'
Cakes ! But not cheese one ! Garden Salad ! Cherry Tomato ! Eggs ! Lasagne ! Roti Cheese Naan ! and etc.
Milo Panas by my own one not from mamak one (they tends to put whole milk in it =.=) ! Milk (GoodDay & Dutch Lady - Full Cream) ! this is all i can think of right now - feeling old. 

8. What's my favorite country ?' 
I never travel overseas before ...

9. What is on my TOP 5 wish list ?' 
Wish List mean the stuff/gadget i'm desire to get right ?' So getting slim doesn't count right ?' 
Then first one is to get a decent and better camera for my blogging's use. Second, i would like to have a TR because of the portraits it produced. (but not compulsory lah ! Only if i have super duper extra penny for it or someone sponsored it, lol.). Third, a tripod maybe so that i don't have to ask my brother to take my portraits (which he find it annoying, xD) ! I have no idea what is the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and etc. anymore >...<

10. What's my favorite song ?'
Those i've downloaded in my phone ... haha

11. What's the most embarrassing experience of mine ?'
Since this is all about blogging then i will share something embarrassing in my blogosphere's encounter.
If you're not really close to me or not really talk to me before, i wouldn't greet you or even smile at you if we happened to encounter somewhere in the street. (That's me) The worse is if you look at me like you know me but didn't come up to me and greet then i will give you a goggle (because i hate people staring/scrutinizing at me). The story goes like this ...
We (me & Carol) went to somewhere to enjoy the spa's treatment with a covered-up clothing which beneath is just bikini (so it is quite seducing) and i didn't know the organizer is there at the entrance waiting for us and wanted to greet. So when i passed the revolver passage, i spotted him but i thought he is some 'hamsap lou' trying to check sexy girls out so i give him a goggle and ignore him until he comes up to us and greet le Carol. hahahahah wtf. I wanted to say sorry which i didn't but for sure, i did alter my attitude toward him lah.(Ok lah ~ Next time i will remain poker face til i confirmed he is 'hamsap lou' baru give him a google lur >...<) 

Hope you enjoy ...
Below are who i tagged and i'm gonna read that, haha !
(My questions will be the same as those i've answered)

Have A Nice Day ... ❤


Mr Lonely said...

haha, ada award lagi~

Life's like this ♥ said...

Hahahha! woots enjoying reading your post! Especially the last question haha. Yes I agree with you that it’s really annoying to blog for the sake of impressing someone, sometime it just makes me lose yourself >.< Thanks for answering all of them :D Have a nice day!!

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

hahahha!!! ok i remember the last one!!! >.> and u even gave him that don't-you-dare-come-to-us look!