Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Review of My 2013 & Happy New Year ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Last day of 2013 ... Bet lots of you gonna spend the night counting the moment for 2014 to be arrived right ?' Have fun yea. I'm gonna STAY HOME. Because my bro discharged today and we gonna count down in da house and after that straight away go kip or maybe we will do that in our dream, lol. The saddest news of the year: my bro admitted. The happiest news of the year: my bro discharged. YEAH ~ He allow to be discharged today, just today, the last day of 2013. Happy die me ! I will take this as my belated Christmas present. hahahaha

Gonna revise how is 2013 do to me ... 

Let's get a little personal here. 
I would like to say that 2013 is the bad year of all but also considerably good as well. Bad as in so much had happened to my family (which contained me) but it is getting better. Good as in i'm started to get active in the blogosphere; started to attend events and also make a little living from it. But still, can't get into too personal so i will talk more about myself. 

I went to an audition this year around July (if i didn't mistaken) and of course i didn't make it and kinda get embarrassed by the judges. #wtf Whatever. Get myself a smartphone. Get bangs. Started to have salads/taking care of my diet (but not really doing well though, lol.) My high school classmates married but i'm not. #wtf I also wanna be married but not due to pregnancy lah ~ I haven't even have my Mr. Right by my side. #failed. LOL. I think that's all lah ~ Nothing much had happened on me. Like really ?' Hmm ... 

Back into the blogosphere ... 
The biggest happening in the year (in my life) ! Attended CN Blue's press conference as a media and their concert as a VIP ! First time in my life, i - myself as a VIP. Unbelievable. Thank you Samsung and my previous consultancy for this, <3. To be honest, i don't really have any idea who is CN Blue and what kind of songs have they released before i do some research about them but i do know Yong-Hwa lah ! After i went to their concert, i mad in love with them man. Aww ... Miss the moment when they are just in front of us answering whatever the host asked. >...< 

Other than meeting CN Blue (in person), my second 'achievement' of the year is meeting CarolineNgMayLing
It was a quite funny one when we first met, i remembered it was at the Dove nourishing better than milk event. I had have no idea who (which bloggers) gonna attend this event and i don't really have lots of blogger acquaintance at that moment and i was quite nervous about meeting new people (which is inevitable) then the moment i'm walking toward the seats, she smiles at me and i was like "Is she smiling at me or is there someone behind me ?'" then i nervously smile back and thinking "Don't care lah ~ If she is smiling to the person behind me then it is her problem. Imma just being nice !" hahahahahahah Then i took courage and ask her whether i can take the seat beside her and yeap ... We are friends, til now. LOL. (okay lah ~ Not that funny also :( ) 

Other than Caroline, i also met other bloggers as well.
My current favorite one is SilvianaLim. hahahaha She is the cutest person i ever see and always being so nice to me ... Amanda, the fashion blogger. Yuh Juin, the Virgo. xD Jolie, i like her the moment i saw her blog. Choulyin, the nice one. LizzieLeong. Chency, the selca one. xD Kifli. Let me think. Amelie, the talkative / humorous one, i like her as well. Wait ~ Are you really expecting me to list all of them down ?' NO ... #lol.

A shameless one ...
Showcasing the latest (at that moment) bikini collection for pink&proper at their pool side fashion show >...<
It is embarrassing but i kinda miss the feeling of being up on the "runway" ! Secretly hope i was born that thin :( Will work hard to achieve the so-called 'thigh gaps' so that i'm qualified to be on the real runway. *pray hard* It was actually my first time putting on a bikini and also complimented my very first bikini in my life and now i have 3 set of them, all thanks to pink&proper. But i don't really think i will have the chance of hitting any beach or even pool (i can't swim, wtf).

Other than bikini parties, i had my very first Halloween's celebration
I don't really bothered to celebrate whatever-festival-it-is because it is not safe (for me) and it can be such a boredom if you go with the wrong person. First Halloween in my life and as a Mr. Mr. Frankie. Okay boh ?' I always hope that i can be as handsome as AndyLau when i dressed up like a guy and be pretty when i dressed up normally. LOL. It was a failure because my face too chubby. =...= That night, i won a iPad mini from lucky draw session for myself as well. Unbelievable. I never have any luck on the lucky draws one so it was my first drawn in my life man. 

Went to lots of event ... 
From hair to toe ... LOL ! Cakap saja nia. 
Anyways, thanks for inviting and the products, appreciated. 

Other than just events, I also went to two (2) media sponsored trip and Carol was there for the both trip, luckily. 
First one is #LuxMelaka and the second one is #LostWorldofTambun. #LuxMelaka was quite a packed schedule trip but still a relaxing and pampering one. As well as #LostWorldofTambun which with a loose schedule but sun-burnt. :( hahahhaha 

I proudly announced that i have better and more presentable selfies now compare than 2012 (please do not check back >...<) and still improving. Hoping that i will be the 2nd Yutakis, lol. And also a better blog. heheheh

Other than that, i also met few of famous people who you will only see them out of luck. lol. 

Hope you enjoy and have a good good night ... 
Take good care of yourself while partying unless you don't mind being *cough cough cough* ! haha 
Will try to come up with the Resolution 2014 tomorrow *such a long-winded person* 

Happy New Year ... 
Have A Great New Year Eve ... ❤

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