Monday, December 23, 2013

S.O.X. Fixie in Paradigm Mall brought to you by Xpax ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Been invited to Paradigm Mall by S.O.X. Fixie KL but have no idea what's gonna happen there ...  

Wait ~ 
Have you followed @xpaxsays on Twitter ?' Follow them to see what's going on around KL/Malaysia with their amazing crews. Anyways, I'm here to show you what was happening on yesterday evening in Paradigm Mall. *sorry for different picca's texture*

This is what i see when i reached the venue :-
the bike named fixie. 

After register, we have been 'escorted' to ditaliance restaurant. 
Still have no idea what's gonna happen, they served us drink and food. So we chattered away and take some #OOTD picca(s), maybe ?' lol. 

Been summoned to the front of the stage. 
Still have no idea what's gonna happen ...
Caught this ... 
And this ...
 Taken while waiting ... <3 the deco ! #christmas

There was a ...
FlashMob brought to you by Xpax

After flashmob, there was a game session for us - bloggers and the influencers to win a fixie bike home and the game named Musical Fixie. Musical Fixie is when the music started to play then contestants surround the fixie bike and move forward and when the music stop (which is unpredictable one), contestants have to grab the designated part of the fixie bike (so that the fixie will still in one piece after the game) so for those who didn't managed to squeeze in and put the hand on the designated part will be eliminated. I bet you all familiar with this game before right ?' Did i joined ?' Yes. Did i win ?' Of course NO. xD
Music Started. 
Music Stop. 
 2nd Round of the 1st Game. 
 2nd Game. 
Final round for 2nd Game. 
Battle of both games' winner so guess who have brought the fixie bike home ?' 
  TaDa ~~~~ 

It was a real fun day and thank you Xpax for bringing us this. I know the fixie bike is nice right ?' You wanted to get one as well right ?' I don't think it is selling anywhere so the only way to have it is ... CHECK BELOW OUT. 



Just hit RM1 during this day and be in running to ride away your own Fixie bike. 
PLUS you get to enjoy FREE Calls, SMS or MMS with S.O.X !

Promotion Period : 
9 December 2013 - 31 December 2013 


Hurry up ! 
It's gonna Christmas soon which is 25th which mean you have another 5 days or more. Using RM1 credit on phone is seriously a piece of cake man. Just call anyone or your bf or gf even if you guys do stay together, lol. Fixie bike is more significant than RM1. Get yours now. 

WEBSITE for more info :-

I bet you guys wanna see this ! 
MC of the day. xD

Good Luck ...
Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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