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Hada Labo Beauty Talk with Taiwan Beauty Guru - Liu Yen ... ❤

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Not going anywhere during my (this year) CNY's holidays so decided to done some blog post (what a boring way to spend the CNY) ! I went to Hada Labo beauty talk with Taiwan Beauty Guru 'Liu Yen' and who is she ?' I bet a lot of you have acknowledged who is she if you do love Taiwanese talk show like me and you would have seen her before in those show. But still, there is someone out there like my high-school bestie have absolutely no idea who is she even though she is currently studying in Taiwan, lol. #What-a-failed. #justsaying. 

First of all, i wanted thanks Hada Labo for selected me to join the beauty talk and let me have the opportunity to met le famous Taiwan Beauty Guru - Liu Yen. She is very friendly and didn't get annoyed by my kinda-misbehavior. xD Other than that, thank you for all the awesome goodies/products. <3 Have you notice ?' Actually my first blogging event was with Hada Labo which is the air BB Cream's launching, it is really my honor. 

Back to the topic - beauty talk ... 
Let's check out the epic nice venue which i took my #ootd picca(s) there and click here for the post. 
Venue :      Maison Francaise [French House]
                 5, Changkat Kia Peng 
                 50450 Kuala Lumpur. 

Of course, i'm not here to brag like how lucky i am. I'm here to share some knowledge and beauty tips i learned from the beauty talk. (How lucky you are ! lol.) 

Before anything else, just to let you know that Hada Labo has five category of lotion. 
(Refer to the picture below) from left-to-right : Hydration (white), Peeling Lotion, Whitening (blue), Anti-Aging (red) & Sensitive Skin 

First of all, Liu Yen Guru asked us "what are your daily skin care regime steps ?'" and my answer goes like "Cleanser ! Toner ! Moisturizer ! Eyes Cream !" which without sunblock and which i actually lied (not my current daily skin care regime steps >...<). The daily skin care steps you should have taking are actually CLEANSE ! HYDRATION & SUNBLOCK ! (she didn't specific on toner or lotion or else) 

After this, we did an experiment on the Hada Labo lotion and moisturizer ! (Refer to the picture below) 
There was two piece of face cleansing sponge on the desk and she instructed us to pour an appropriate amount on one of them and 'blend' it in with our finger. Then pour an appropriate but equal amount of moisturizer on both of the face cleansing sponge and blend it in. (Refer to the picture) As you can see, the one with lotion could easily blend the moisturizer in and without lotion one (just moisturizer), it took longer time to be settled into the sponge. This experiment actually tells us how important is to apply lotion before moisturizer ! 

After the experiment, Liu Yen Guru did a demonstration on how we supposed to apply the lotion (on a model). Before applying the (hydration) lotion, she wipe off the impurities which settled on the model's face with Peeling Lotion and what is Peeling Lotion actually does ?' Peel off layers of skin ?' 
Liu Yen Guru holding the abovementioned lotion in the picture which i actually couldn't find it in drugstore (which i just went) but they gonna send us one so thanks and appreciated. So ~ What it actually does ?' (According to Liu Yen) It actually helps us to remove all the impurities like the remaining makeup (you didn't completely remove), dirt and dust from the air which have settled into the lines/wrinkles on our face. So that you will get optimum result for your skin care regime. 
Applying from the chin to the forehead which mean upward motion and don't forget your neck (upward motion for uplifting - prevent wrinkles & downward motion for detox - limbs' direction and reduce puffiness) as well as the back of your ears. 

So how to apply the lotion ?' 
Pour an propriety amount of the lotion (which is the old version of 50 cents) - it also depends on the size of your face lah and rub it in between of your palms and press it on your face then you are not done yet. You have to do some dabbing on your face before your move on to the moisturizer. What is the frequency of dabbing ?' Infinite ?' Until you feel like it have been absorbed ?' (i doubt this like how am i supposed to know ?') THE ANSWER WILL BE ... Go according to your age ! If you are 22 years old (this year) then dab your face 44 times (which is the multiple of 2 from your age) and it is for your whole face. Remember GENTLY
Here is the amazing result ! After peeling lotion, (hydration) lotion and some dabbing. Can you spot the (obvious) difference ?' It is on the laughing lines and the apple cheek ! (In case you really spot no difference then it is on your left side - the side with Liu Yen Guru.) It is more lifting especially the apple cheek and the laughing line(s) which diminish obviously compare to the other side. Lastly, in case you feel like your skin is not waking up as your demand then ... 
Rub your hand together. Warm it a bit then press it on your face to warm it up. For those who is oily at the T-Zone area, after doing the dabbing thingy, pour an propriety amount of lotion on a cotton (just for T-Zone) and apply on the T-Zone and proceed to the moisturizer. 

(Refer to the above picture) As you can see at the blue color sticker there that there mentioned that it contained three (3) types of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and why are there and what are those ?' You may wondering what is Hyaluronic Acid right ?' It is a significant ingredient in all the hydration skin care product so that mean it obligate for hydration. So ~ What are those three types ?'

They are actually just different in size instead of types ! 
So as general, they are small, medium and big. The smallest size of HA will diffuse into the innermost layer of our skin which is dermis (below epidermis - our skin) and does it moisturizing job. The medium in size of HA will capture moisture from the air to our skin. The biggest size of HA will act as a protector and lock moisture in the skin. And that's why you need three types of HA in the moisturizing lotion. 

There was a game session for us to win the prize which is her four season skin care 'recipe book'.
The question to me was, if i'm gonna apply three types of serum with same texture in once, which one should go first and which is the last to apply ?' My answer was "Hydration, Whitening and Anti-Aging !" (i bet a lots of you will have the same answer as mine) but it is the wrong one. :(

The answer is "Anti-Aging ! Whitening ! Hydration !" 
Why ?' As i mentioned earlier regarding the dermis and epidermis right ?' Dermis (innermost layer of the skin) is the part where caused aging and that's why you apply the anti-aging serum before anything else. Then in between the dermis and epidermis, there is a layer which produce melanin (the more melanin you get, the darker you will be) and that's why you need whitening after the anti-aging and the hydration come last which for epidermis. One more tips, to delay aging accentuate on hydration.
 i posed for my camera and laughter ensued. #lol. 
le Prizes.

This is the wrap if it and you know what and which brand to go for already right ?' xD
Once again, thank you Hada Labo for this opportunity and all the awesome goodies (i will try my best to come out with review on them) ! <3  
  with Liu Yen Guru 
 with the girls. Nicole. Trislynn. Me. Shini.
 The end. Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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