Thursday, January 23, 2014

If You're Assuming that Bloggers are a FREE thing ... ❤

Blogging is not an easy thing. 
I saw this came into my timeline the other day and I think every blogger is sharing this. 
I've had some bad experience with clients?' that approached me trying to get some publication in my blog. Candidly, they think blogger is a damn FREE thing and once they offering you (blogger) something free (either treatment or product) then they assumed that you 'have to' accept the offer and give them a Goddamn FREE blog post ! 
Refer to the above picca, blogging is not that easy as you think it is. If it is that easy then why don't you make one and hard selling your own products?!'
Somehow the whatsoever project get turned down (by the blogger), they (so-called client) ignore you (and somehow blacklisted you)! They not even grateful that we spent TIME in replying and trying to make a win-win situation man. And do not expect for a blog post if you're offering your products (as i'm not paid to do so) unless i really like your product(s) ! That's all and for those who i'm addressed to, thanks for your time and showing interests to my blog but FUCK YOU ! You (to be exact is your company) have been blacklisted and i will NEVER ASSOCIATED with you, NO MATTER WHAT ! Thanks and have a nice day ... ❤

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