Tuesday, January 14, 2014

[REVIEW] Agent Zero Shine from benefit the POREfessional ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Check out the product in my hand ... Remember ?' 

I was invited to the product release at sunway lagoon month(s) ago. Click here to check out what was happening at the press release and the scene they set up to brought this awesome product out to the view. So, again i'm here to share with you all regarding the product. Trying to come out with a video but i look so awful so never mind. forget about it. :( 

So this product will be available on February 2014 (which mean next month) and with the price RM115. I bet everyone (or maybe just girls) are very familiar with benefit right ?' Either the brand or products. Yea ~ So do i. I wanted to get tons of their product especially the boi-ing concealer and etc. LOL. Anyways, get back to the product. It is my honor to get it before it released in Malaysia and all thanks to PaigeShem and also benefit

Let's have a look on the packaging ...    

This time the product is all about taking shine away. Taking your face's shine away. 
There is a built-in brush for the user(s) and it is in tube shape. Which is super convenient for the user(s), make it very easy to bring this along/put in your bag for touch-up and you don't have to worry about the brush getting dirty. Apply this either on a moisturized face (which mean after skin care regime) or over makeup face.

mattifying. pores perfecting. ultra lightweight. invisible finish. 

I have been using it for like month(s) and guess what ?' 
I'm totally in love with this. TOTALLY. Come to the think of it, there is really nothing that i dislike about. 
I'm using BB Cream as my foundation (because liquid foundation is too thick for me) and one thing about BB Cream is that it tends to have those shiny finish and after hours, there will be shine everywhere on your face and inevitable, a touch-up. Not that i hate touching up but there is when you are fully occupied the whole day and you still want to look great in your photos at the end of the day. After started putting this on, my base stay much longer than before and at the end of the day, i still able to look good in photos. #win. 

How to ... 

Simple steps. Twist. Tap. Sweep. 
Twist off the built-in brush at the base. Tap off the powder into the lid. Dip the built-in brush. Tap off excess powder. Last, sweep it all over your face gently (as you don't wanna smudge your concealer/makeup). Easy ?' 

Tips & Tricks :-
For maximum POREfection, pair it up with the POREfessional primer. 

Let's see how it is look like in the picca(s) ... 
Whether it's really invisible finish ?' Whether it does have a white cast when taken with flash ?' What does it look like under sunlight/outdoor ?' What does it look like ... 
What do you think ?' :) 

Here is the wrap of the product and i hope you do enjoy. 
Once again, it will be available on February 2014 at RM115

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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