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[REVIEW] Kinohimitsu J'pan Beauty Drink - Collagen with my double eyelids story ... ❤

Taken right before i started typing. #FluDay

Howdy guys ... :) 
I bet (almost) every Asian having problem with their (double) eyelids right ?' Me too ! 

We - Asian always hope to have a pair of big (parallel) double eyelids like Westerner so that we will look good with any kind of makeup / without makeup. Big double eyelids = Big eyes ! (Asian's theory) I born with double eyelids but it is always imbalance ... My left double eyelid always bigger than the other one and my right eye one only visible at the end (super tapered/asian). So when i started to apply makeup, i use double eyelid tapes to make it bigger to parallel kind and i used to apply it every single day and hoping that after two or three months, i don't have to use it anymore and i will have those big (parallel) double eyelids. BUT i was wrong. So DAMN WRONG. 

If anyone out there wanted to try on double eyelid tapes or glue or whatsoever, my advise is DON'T. Because you will get addicted to it and it made your eyelids sagged when you take it off. So you will have super duper tapered eyelid whenever you have no tapes on which is consider as saggy to me as you can actually see lines on your eyelids especially the area you put on the double eyelid tapes for it to 'goes up'. 

I put on makeup quite frequent as well as the double eyelid tapes so it getting worse and worse. I even spend lots on the eye cream (anti-aging and lifting one) and hoping it will rejuvenate my eyelids but NO. NEVER. (i haven't try SKII lah ~) I go to work with no make up on so i lost my confident and avoid eyes contact with anyone in the train or bus until i met IT

It is the end of my story and peridicament so i'm gonna introduce you The Saviour.  

This is actually just a simple review but i wanna to share with you all what it does to me and i'm most grateful that i have a chance on trying this. All thanks to The Butterfly Project. And tell you what ?' I don't really put on double eyelid tapes now but still looking good in the picca(s). #win. 


Kinohimitsu J'pan Beauty Drink is a tasty collagen drink that helps to plump up skin and restore its youthful vitality. Regular intake helps to enhance skin beauty that glows from inside out. It helps to regain smoother, firmer, younger looking skin in just weeks. 


I was given a box of 6-Day starter pack (there is six bottle inside) on the Kinohimitsu Luau Party and i consumed it for six day consecutively (each bottle per day). It contained 50 ml in a bottle which is quite a lots compare to the other brands. It is 100% Natural ! Safe to consume with all the ingredient used like Apple Condensed Juice, Collagen from Fish, Fruit and Vegetable Condensed Juice, Silk Protein and etc. and no sugar, no preservatives, no artificial coloring or flavoring, no chemicals ... It is ready for immediate consumption at any time and any where. 

Effectiveness :-
*Noticeable firmer, smoother, brighter, youthful skin with glowing cheeks in just 6 days.* copied.

I started on 14/12/2013 and end it 6 days later and i can't really recall whether my skin got smoother or not but if i didn't mistaken, i was trying new skin care regime as well and it worked very well so i have no idea or maybe both of them work together. #Lol. But one thing very obvious is that it gave me a younger and firmer eyelids. I have considerably big double eyelids without any tapes on and it is noticeable on the second day man which the new skin care regime did nothing on it. APPROVED. (Check the before-and-after picca below for your reference) 

Deliciousness :-
*More than just a tasty treat, every sip is packed with lots of beauty & healthy goodness.* copied. 

YES ! It is super tasty compare with the XXX brand which taste yuck and i don't really see result =...= ! APPROVED. 

I didn't/haven't repurchase it since then so you must be wondering whether my eyelids have go back to the saggy type ?' The answer is NO. Check out the selca at the beginning of this post, it is taken right before i started typing. :P Now i 'ogle at' every handsome guys in the train. #wtf. It proved to me how important collagen is. #Lol. #Serious. Saving up and will get it as soon as possible because i wanna look young and considerably pretty with no makeup on forever man. 

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