Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tammy's Birthday Celebration with Haagen-Dazs ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Finally this lazy lady blogger feel like updating again and it is all about Tammy who is the founder of The Butterfly Project (bloggers) community. 

Her birthday is on 1st of Jan leh ~ 
To her Big Day, The Butterfly Project collaborated with Haagen-Dazs for the celebration and 50++ bloggers get invited to eat the famous ice cream fondue out and of course i'm lucky enough to be one of them. It is also my first time trying Haagen-Dazs 'commodity'. I should have post this much earlier but due to some technical problem and some laziness (to edit the picca) so it have been delay til now ... 

I have been associate with The Butterfly Project for quite a while already. Frankly, i don't really have much words with her - Tammy because i have no idea what to talk about but don't get me wrong ! I'm admire her, a lots. She has bringing up The Butterfly Project for bloggers like me - small one to get to attend different brands event (GUESS ! ...), get to try branded products (Hair Depot ! Kinohimitsu ! ...), get to eat delectable foods (Little Wanton ! Haagen-Dazs ! ...), trip (Lost World of Tambun) and etc. Not kissing ass here. Just saying what is in my mind. I was quite shocked when she hugged me while we were posing for the picca, haha. 

She is a bubbly person (to me) and (if i didn't mistaken) she likes to tell dirty jokes, haha. Back in Tambun's trip, we visited an area named "Wet Land" - which visitors can feed the wild animal (by time) and i accidentally caught her stopping Illy and tell her that "Wet Land so must be very horny ..." hahahaha 

She blogs very well too. I can't describe how her writing is (lack of words), go read it yourself and you will like it. I'm wanted to be someone like her in blogosphere because her articles/posts are able to make appearance on any magazine and looking decent ... 

I'm most grateful that i managed to 'bump into' The Butterfly Project and met Tammy, SWAT team and other bloggers. Happy BELATED (so late) Birthday, Tammy. Stay happy, always. 

Okay ... 
Back to the famous ice cream fondue ...
Autograph ... xD No lah ~ Writing birthday wish for Tammy. 
I drew myself. wtf. xD Okay boh ?'  
Excited for our fondue to be served. - with SilvianaLim 
Haagen-Dazs' Birthday Cake ...  

As i mentioned, it is my very first time on the ice cream fondue.
Can i say something / my opinion toward the fondue i have had ?' If yes, then read on. If no, then bye bye. haha
I would finish the side dishes then drink down the hot chocolate by itself, hahhahahaha. I personally don't like mixing the hot stuff with cold one. >...< BUT, they served fresh fruits and tasty biscuits and ice cream (i know because i have them separately, hahaha). 

"Sing the Bday song please ?'" - created by me. xD 
Have A Prosper 2014. 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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Mr Lonely said...

wahm that hagen daz must be expensive!