Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why I Don't Read Your Blog ... ❤

Howdy guys...  :)
Here to update again. Typing it with my big screen phone (I thought mine already very big but there is always bigger one,Wtf.), not really get used to it as I super love the keyboard typing sound chanting (while I'm 'writing') and I think it secretly helps in constructing my sentences. #Lol.

Let's talk about "Why I Don't Read Your Blog... " <-- hahahhhhaha 
No offense, Yea. XD I was inspired to blog about this because I have a hard time trying to get  interesting blog to read/view. My job required me to be seated in the office and my workloads are not always that heavy so I surf net a lots to kill time. I do have a list of favorite blogs with me but still, they don't update every single day and I need something to read/view. So ...

Basically I have came across quite a number of blogs (no ranking) and some of it do impressed me (I will revisit them) but some of it... very unimpressive. I'm gonna list down the reason (why I don't revisit) I can think of so have a look and don't take it too serious. (Don't kill yourself) #Lol.

1. English / Linguistic Choice 
If you written it in French or Germany (or other foreign language) then l'm not gonna read it for sure (and I can't but I view picca(s)). #Digress If you written in Chinese, I will only read it if either your topic(s)/picca(s) is very attracting or I like you. #Lol. Back to English, I will try my best to read every sentences before I commented or secretly evaluate the blog (I bet Everyone does this). So if your English is not that fluent then I have to give up in reading because (my) broken English + broken English = Lingish. (I have no idea what is this.) Which mean I don't wanna 'demolish' my current English level which I have been working hard for it.

2. Pictures Quality
When I first started in blogging, I never knew that the pictures quality does matter. I thought if the pictures are nice or the Selfies I took are considerably pretty then I don't really needa to care about the quality and I took them with iPad. #Lol. #SuchAHassle. It was such a big mistake because the pictures quality does affect reader(s)' view toward your blog so investing on the camera never failed you.

3. Self-Capture
I know the way XiaXue does those advertorial is a very Good way to expose yourself and the brand but the very term and condition of it, is that you have to be 'presentable' enough in order for you to plagiarize the way she did it. If not, you will look ridiculous instead of (I don't know) ... Other than advertorial(s), (lifestyle) blog always needa some Selfies. One or two is okay, absolutely okay even it is not that pretty like those famous one but having tons of them in one post... NO! Unless you are QiuQiu or Dash. #Lol.

4. Redundant
Either too lazy or too diligent. You get what I mean?! Too lazy as in the blog content is nothing but a copy of the press release. Too diligent as in too much information until it digress and went too far (aka Long-Winded). Stare into the screen for too long is not doing any Good to our eyes so keep it straight to the point but not too curt. #Lol. #MaFanDaoSi.

5. Keep Loading
This might have something to do with my internet but you actually can diminish my frustration by not having too much blog post in one page. It make me close the tab if your page is actually affecting the whole thing (I might have tons of tab on).

The blog is built with words and words. No photo, at all. It's just WORDS. Maybe just one. Which is located at the side column there and it is the author. #Aigoo. People need visualize what was happening instead of reading it all in words. And lazy people like me don't read pages by pages just to find out the answer of "How are you?!'" / "What have you been up to?! '". But don't get me wrong, words do take an important part as well (in a blog).

7. Pictures
Other than the resolution / quality, the arrangement of the pictures does matter as well. If you prefer left hand side then make sure all your pictures is arranged on the left NOT some on the left hand side and some in the middle and some at the right hand side. It will make your blog look drunk. #Alcoholic.

8. Layout
The only layout that I always been unimpressed with is those there is column at both side and the middle is the content. Don't get me wrong. Again, sure you can use this kind of layout if you find it nice. And my point here is when you decided to have both side column then your content column width will be very narrow til the wording and the pictures are quite small in size that I have to bend forward and squeeze my eyes hard to see what is in the pictures. #Exaggerated. Or at least adjust the width so not your content is the main thing of the blog, not the advs at the both side. 

Too many bombastic words or jargon that I have to switch to Google Translator for every sentences I have gone through. #Lol. I don't really mind reading something that I can learn from it especially when I can learn new vocabulary but the thing is I'm here to read a blog not a newspaper. Of course if you would like to flaunt about your knowledge about things then use one or two or maybe four or five in an article, not every sentences. Straight to the point, it pissed somebody like me off.

10. Hard Selling / Contradicting
I understand that we - bloggers will and have to associate with brands and we have to make it look Good in our blog. So we - bloggers usually will quoted "My (all-time) Favorite" and it is fine, absolutely fine. But then, if you said this in every single advertorial then Should we as a reader trust you on the review (of the service) or what?! #Dilemma.

Okay lah ~
10 already. I can't be too bitchy about what I'm doing right now because some of it might applied to me (from you) either in the future or ... Now ?!' hahhahahah.

Have A Great Weekend ... ❤

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