Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bell 宇田 - 記得你說過 ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

Here i am to blog again which will be a driveling - silly nonsense = bullshit !

I came across this song (yesterday) from the fm and the melody caught me off. I'm pretty sure we all have heard it somewhere else just that i couldn't place it ! The melancholic melodies made all the memories come back ...

Not gonna be verbose / dwell on the old stuffs just wanna say like ...

Mr. A, I'm quite sad (30%) and happy (70%) that we didn't worked out in the very first place ! Thanks for the other girl for intercepting and taken over (you), the shyness, the misunderstood and etc. that made us not working out but it's okay ! I'm glad that we didn't actually because i don't think you can cope what have had happened in my life, good and bad (even myself couldn't). But things are getting better. I'm actually believe that we will somehow meet again in the future (a hunch but i believe on it) but i sincerely hope it is not a near future. I sort of have imagined all sort of situation that there is possibility for us to come across each other. LOL. You might be still single, might be attached, might be in wedlock ... Anyways, all the best to you ! Whatever happens, stay strong and lovely ! Don't be shy (don't do honking ! Straight away ask for number ! xD)! Study for a good grade, perhaps ?' haha Thanks for all the memories (sad and good one), they are part of my life. <3

Stop here.
*seriously i hope he never read this because i'm too shy to talk about this when we meet ?' lol. wtf.*
Happy Valentine's Day !

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