Thursday, February 27, 2014

Daily Workout Routine with Sexy Miley Cyrus Legs Workout ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Breath ! I'm doing a fitness blog post ! Not trying to be inspiring or invigorating people's life just sharing about the (daily) workout so that i will stay with the obligation of complying those workouts everyday !

This is my first time doing something like this and i always tend to dwell on something / harping so pardon me if i do that >...< ! I don't know where to start +.+ ! 

Okay ~ Let's talk about my diet plan and why i've started workout ! 
When i first started (diet plan), I'm practiced a rabid one. I ate everything i wanted in the breakfast of the day, like everything then eat N.O.T.H.I.N.G., not a single things for the rest of the day ! The thing is ... You have to have helluva self-control toward your coordinates, like hands for reaching the foods which available all the time, mouth for relishing every single things you get into it moreover, your MIND ! But it is the best and most effective diet plan i have ever came across ! You get to see your body is literally shrinking but i'm not sure whether it is the fats or muscle ... And you get to eat everything you want ! Lol. 

Why i started workout ... 
Because i don't want a saggy tush ?' Flappy arms ?' And i wanna to be able to have my mummy's cook in the evening even just a small portion ! Yeap ... This is all. 

I make it as a daily basis at home before going to bed (save all the hassle from signing up the gym membership). Candidly, i still don't do it everyday. I don't do it when i have ate dinner (cheat day) ! You are allowed to have any cheat day for sure JUST not too frequent ! Other than that, i will try to do it every single day because i tend to slip out of the routine (mean completely stop working out) if i make it thrice a week or every alternative day (self-control is simply not in my genes so i get strict !). BUT still, i don't eat what i want all the day ! I still try to reduce my food intake by having rice in the morning before going to work to keep my hunger at bay and a snack at the afternoon and mummy's cook at the evening, like Taufu (irresistable) and some veggie ! 

I'm truly happy that i'm started workout because with workout, your result seems expedited. Let's see what workout have i been into ... 
Sexy Legs Workout !
It seems easy but it definitely NOT ! When i first started, i can't even do 20 squats consecutively. And the wall-sit make me wanna amputate my legs so that i don't have to go through this. >...< Squats really bring you good tush (butt) so it is a must no matter what you are toning up ! After a while, you will get used to it and it seems easy because the harder one is at the back for you. I usually do it with a set of dumb-bells which weight 4kgs each and this make it even harder but it save me time from training my arms. hahaha The is the first set of workout i did. The second will be ... 

Miley Cyrus Legs Workout !
This is the second one ! I just added in this set of workout days ago when i feel bored and unsatisfied with the first and only set of workout i did. So i youtubed "Sexy Legs Workout" and this is the top one for the result of the search and moreover Miley Cyrus's leg (not tush !) ! This is a strenuous one ! 50! Squats ! I try my best to stick to the end but i just can't ! I need airs but i keep up once i have enough airs in my lung. And you will truly satisfied once you are done. I have the tape plays every times i'm doing this set of workout so that there is a guide as well as tickers ! Your heart beats definitely revving up. 

I hate training abdominal part ! I just hate it ! I hate the feeling when my stomach churning for something ! I hate hunger as well ! The second of this set workout actually hurting your boobs as you lay face down, haha. The third one will hurt your wrist. hahahah Not abdominal part. Only the first one, i do feel something going on on my abdominal part. lol. No harm to give it a try right ?' And it is nothing compare to 50! squats ! xD

How to stay motivated! :-
1. Go to Instagram and search tags like 'thighgaps', 'fitspo' and etc. 
I kept checking out 'thighgaps' pictures til i'm finally came to a decision that i need to do something to myself, especially my thigh ! Keep checking back while in the process and it keep you from giving up or binge eating. After some period of dieting, start workout and you don't really need it anymore but check 'fitspo' (a bit messy in this tags !) out instead to keep you from slipping out the workout routine. Or check your favorite Victoria Secret's angel(s)/celebrities out ! Or even go to someone you hate and make surpassing her as your goal and motivation, lol.

2. Tell yourself food can wait ! 
I used to eat whatever i want all time and telling myself that is okay to have whatever you want because life is too short to keep yourself from all those yummies ! Yeap ~ Truth ! But have it in the morning or wait until the next morning so that you have the whole day to burn it away (if it happened to be something super high in calories) ! If you really have to have them, take only a gulp or be more strict on the next day !

3. Keep checking your muffin tops !
It will not shrink just after one day of hard workout ! Place your hand on it or pinch it (if you want), check it twice a week or once a week to let yourself know either you are doing a great job or you have to work harder / eat lesser !

4. Avoid weighing yourself often
This will only stress you out to the max even you did it once per week ! It dictates your mood especially when you are nearer to the weighing day ! Stress will eventually lead to binge eating / depression so ... Of course you still need to weigh but make it after 3 or 6 months !

5. Don't afraid to tell your friend about your plan 
Of course they will tease you and sometimes tell you how wonderful is the foods but when they have acknowledged about it and they see you getting near food or getting something you shouldn't be having, they acts as a reminder " I thought you are on diet ?' " !
To be continued ?' ...

I'm sharing this not because i have reached my goal or i'm an expert on it ! Sharing is caring and we should all stay healthy and fit !! Love. Think of the bikini body you always wanted. xD

Have A Nice Weekend ... ❤

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