Saturday, February 22, 2014

KenKo Fish Spa in Pavillion vs #OOTD ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
How is your Saturday so far ?' Mine is pretty bland but productive (enough). lol. 

Let's update about what and where we were (earlier this afternoon) - The Butterfly Project's blogger ! 
We went to Kenko Fish Spa which located in Pavillion, 5th Floor (nearby cinema) to have a try on the fishes spa thingy. Let's get started without much piffling, shall we ?' 

Wash the foot and get ready for the fishes ! Where am i ?' 
I was taking as much as selca i can ! Lol. IT WAS TOO ITCHY FOR ME TO STAND IT ! When i first dipped my foot inside, i was all ready for the itchiness ! A tiny one came and 'attacked' my feet and i drew my foot out immediately because i CAN'T STAND THE ITCHINESS but of course i gave it a second dip but still failed and i gave up ! I tried my best to stand the itchiness and not to move my foot at all but >...< Now only i realized i'm a ticklish person, i should added super duper. :( I will get roused even just a strand of hair skittering over my neck =...= I never thought i'm a ticklish person ! Wtf ! So i didn't get to try it :( And tell you what ?' Carol and CheeChing (not only two of them lah) are basically keep moaning and it was so noisy there ! hahahah But at least they have tried to make sure their foot stay inside *salute*

Anyways, thank you The Butterfly Project for this, appreciated (even though i wasted it, sorry). 

Selca while waiting the other to be done ...
(Was trying to do a messy but chic bun but it turned out to be a real mess =...=)
Trislynn's ! So damn non-ticklish ! 


#Lippie of the day 

Have A Nice Sunday ... ❤ 

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