Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekly Updates on Books & Bulgogi Brother again ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Time for weekly updates again ! Let's see what have been going on, maybe ?' lol. 

Sorry for the delay (weekly update usually up by Monday) because i wasn't feel like doing it >...< 
Last week's biggest achievement is that i've made a video ! Have you guys watched it ?' "What's Is In My Bag ..." ! Carol said no so bad but my accent didn't sound like the usual me ! Hmph ... Talking to yourself is like that one lah ~~~ xD Hope you guys enjoy and maybe drop me a comment on what do you think ?' :) 

It'd have been (officially) one week that i didn't talk to my lovely brother ! He is so busy preparing for his examinations and i hope he really did working on it instead of just trying to 'ostentate' that he is studying (so that he save himself from all the squawking of me and mum)! If stop joshing with him will make him think i'm disappointed/upset over him and make him work hard on what he supposed to do then i'm okay with it as long as he is still alive. :/ We even bantered about having meal all the time at his place (when he is in wedlock and has his own place) ! ...

Let's stop this prattling and get into the pictures ! 
Thank you Hada Labo for sending the Mild Peeling Lotion and the press pack ! (Stay tuned for more) 

#OOTD on Saturday !

How many people out there love and hate this (sweet potato?) like i do ?' I love to have it but the thing is the skin of it ! I hate peeling it and the residue will never failed to stuck in my nail (especially thumb) and quite hard to remove or just wash it off ! :( 

How many book is there in my bag ?' lol. Quite happy with my reading habit ! 

You need my help boh ?' - during Kenko Fish Spa

Ya ~~~ (a stub of bihun there =...=)

I'm suspecting that there is vampire in my house! attacking me while i'm asleep ! lol. 
It might be the pesky mosquito ! or else. But i find there is scratches on my hand this morning, wtf. hmph ... 

Vincent Brothers ! The book i'm reading currently! It is categorized into ROMANCE ! hmph ... 
As far as i have been, it is not so bad even though they using those bare words like nipple and all that ! haha Excited for their venturous love story ! What is your choice between Sawyer (reputable good guy) and Beau (Town's bad boy) ?' Huh ?' xD  It is Sawyer or Beau ! 

Peoples beside me was enjoying getting the fishes fed by the cuticle of their legs ! But it is too itchy for me ! 

Shimono ! My favorite dessert all the time ! I don't think i will ever feeling vile by having it all day man ! xD

Trying to develop a habit of keeping the earphone in a pack to avoid it from getting spoiled. >...< 

(Face & Eyes) mask of the week ! - from My Beauty Diary 

Sexy boh ?' 

Expressioooonnnnn ... 

Went to Bulgogi Brothers again and ordered Spice Salad Noodles ! (not really spicy compare to the previous one) 

I swear i can just have their side dishes and getting satiated ! 

Finished. One thing bothered me ! They have wifi all around their campus ! What's that for ?' Hmph ... 
Not that they're able to create a FaceBook account and updating status like "I just have the best feeder in the world ..." / "I just made a blood whore !" kind of status mah ! So i really have no idea ... Maybe for research ?' But do people uploaded any info on Moroi ?' Strigoi ?' dhampirs ?' Or etc. Hmph ... Overall, not bad ! Read-worthy even after you've watched the movie. I was hoping there will be episode 2 but it is very unlikely because the next book is all about Alchemist whom trying hunt them down. =...= 

Finished. As well. I'd have like finished 2 books in the week, man. !
This was given to me by The Bag of Love and i kinda 'derelict' it until recently i realized that i have't finish on this one yet so i started all over again !  The way of the protagonist think is really helluva enraged me, man ! She realized the virtue - Frugality after overdrawn so damn much on her credit cards and having so damn much debt not only to banks ! While she's supposed to be saving money / cutting back all the unnecessary expenditure, she still convinced herself that it is okay to spend because it is part of the necessary which in fact it's NOT ! The way she daydreaming about she gonna win the lottery (millions) and etc. The ending is that she make more money but still not able to control herself on impulse purchase and still on debts !

#OOTD on Friday ! 

Have A Nice Week Ahead ... ❤

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