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Weekly Updates with Brother's Teenager-Rebellion-Period Story ... ❤

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Happy Monday ! Stay ALIVE for yourself and your loved one. 

How was your weekend ?' Oh yea ~ There was a kinda-rave-up-concert on the Saturday night right ?' I hope you guys had lots of fun so after that had been a super relaxing Sunday right ?' No doubt ! Mine is all fine until yesterday which is (a little) miserable one because of my lovely brother (i bet i can't addressed him as lovely anymore) ... I was so damn shock when i heard from my mum that he find studying boring (it truth that study is boring but ...) and wanted to 'evict' himself out of the high school (not only once and quite frequent). 

He always has been lovely Not that he always get straight As (or lots of As) or always followed what we told him to do. It is that he put on efforts in studying (i don't really see him work real hard on it but he do try and get a just-beyond-mediocre-result) and get 'promoted' from sixth class to third for this year (Form 5 - the-so-called-SPM-year). Don't misunderstood ! Below there will be an evident that getting an excellent result in academy doesn't mean you are intelligent. So i don't care if he going to continue study further after this (at least after SPM) as long as he knows what he wants and doing ! This year will be the-SPM-year which is the paramount one because not matter what ! If you didn't sit for the SPM, it means you have not been in to the high school education. You got me ?' Nevertheless, it might all caused by the maladjustment from switching the class. >...< 

I asked him "If there is RM20,000-00 (just a number) for you, what is your choice between making your own business or study further ?'" He didn't even think for a millisecond and answer "Business ! Anything except study !" My heart stopped. So i proceeded to ask "What kind of business will it be ?'" He freaking answered me "No idea !" WHAT ?!!!' So his attitude proven to me that he is in the Teenager-Rebellion-Period even though i find it a little too late man. I've had it when i was in Form 1-3. Gosh ! Do you have a younger siblings with you undergo the same thing ?' I will never allowed him to stop study (before SPM) unless i'm died. Wtf. I tried to dig out what is his ambition and what he's planned to do in the near future (if it happened that i/we allowed him to stop his study) and his answer is still "No idea !" Freaking got an idea ok ?' You are a guy ! "What if you have decided in months (only matter of months) that you decided to become an accountant (or something else) then what you gonna do ?' Re-enrollments into the high-school ?' It that possible ?' Think !" He didn't reply much to my question and i do cried my heart out on this. Wtf man. I'm still so damn down whenever i think of it anywhere, any time. 

I do have friends whose younger brother fell out from school before even make it to Form 5 and guess what he ended up with ?' A foremen ?!' A technician ?!' Their working hours are so damn longer than office hours (mean entertainment restricted. only after 10pm or even 12 in the midnight and you wouldn't have much time for your family/own family and etc.)! I didn't meant to deride on those foremen or whatever the-occupation-that-having-so-much-longer-working-hour-than-usual (and guess what ?' Most of them regretted that they didn't continue study/give up so easily) but i know that my brother isn't interested on them at all (to be honest ! I want my brother to have the best like working less hours but high-pay - use-brain-job ! Overtime doesn't count!) and it hurt when i see my brother toiling over the long working hours and come to the only meagre paid (i know foremen make quite lots but no ...). I really have no idea how to 'trick' him into talking his heart out with me regarding this ! There is two version of story he's told ! One for me (dull because of the non-stressful) and one for my momma (stressful) but still bullshit because he listed all the stressful reason "Study ! Work (just helping not even a part-timer)! YamCha ! Martial Arts and another Martial Arts !" He included YamCha ?!' Wtf man. Is that a necessary routine to fit into everyone lifestyle ?' He picked the extra one Martial Arts himself so he HAVE TO juggle between them no matter what or else GIVE UP ! Aww >...< Tell me how to deal with it ... :( 

Sorry for all the piffle and harping! Just wanted to spell it out. 
It is not something shameful as everyone go through the phrase and leave me a comment maybe if you have any idea how to deal with this kind of teenager / brother ! :( 

Had a kinda big-haul from the book store man. Happy die me until ...
An advise for those who wanted to slim down or a better self-control from binge-eating or snacking, develops the reading habit and it helps you to know more / feed you more mind food and away from snacking or even eating because you wanted to finish reading the book as soon as possible (because of the plot twist or whatsoever). I hope i can have all the book man. 

Watched this in a rather scary and deserted cinema hall (no much people watch). 
The stories/plots are just fine (mediocre) but i admire their idea of having an institution for the vampires and the lives of the typical high-school-er like bullying, love affairs and etc. The most interesting part is their classes conducted at night and they all go to bed at morning. What an aspiring lifestyle man. xD Guess what ?' I bought the book ! Let's see what is the difference ! hehe

Karipap ... *yummy*

Read this. - from The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz
Astonishing to find it out but it is truth. I used to thought the more you know (memorize), the more successful you will become (in the future). The term and condition of becoming successful is how you use your brain not how much you can contain in your brain ! 

Had my first Lou Sang of the year after the CNY end. Lol.  
Never really into Lou Sang and i don't eat them at all. The more you 'Lou' meaning the more successful you will be in the future ?' Hello ! Don't be superstitious ! Lol. #justsaying 

The Magic of Thinking Big ... 
A book to read. 

Until You're Mine. 
It sounded like a romance right ?' NO ! It is a criminal fiction with an exciting plots ! It is about pregger and for ladies who have 'trauma' over horror are not recommended as it will really bothered you when it is your time for pregger (pregnant) ! A book to read as well especially the last quarter where there is a plot twists and you just can't put it down or bothering about bed time. #serious !

'asshole-ish' brother but i still love him for sure !

Have A Nice Week Ahead ... ❤

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