Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekly Updates with Robocop2014 ... ❤

Howdy guys... :) 
Time for weekly updates again ! 

Candidly, i feel like retiring ! Retire from blogging ! 
Don't get me wrong ! Not that i'm bored in blogging or lost my passion toward it just that i don't see it is going anywhere. I still love to blog because i like to write, share and 'exhibit' the photos i took. Here is like a secret land to me that i upload whatever (bullshit) i want (no one wanna hear your bullshit 24/7) and not really have to care whether anyone is reading or not (they are less likely to be commented on it). Getting engaged with some brand and working on the blog post also make me feel alive but the thing is ... It is getting no where. :( 

Okay ~ 
Enough from prattling. Let's get started. 

Everyone is doing #CNY #OOTD and here is mine...
LOL. Have been laze around the house and indulge myself into books man. What a relaxing and refreshing one. Just that there is tons of mosquito trying to make themselves home which made me went berserk and kill them all by myself with a glove. LOL. Get to spend time with my Mum and Bro ! Banter and joshing around. :) Are you those type of people who will be super duper grumpy and reckless when people wake you up for nothingness ?' Don't even care if it will get you sake ?' I think i am >...< !!!

Mommi's Sweet Potato Dessert ! Always the best even though sometime it could be atrocious. Lol. #Creativity #SuperBigBowl

Finish reading this one already (after Devil Wears Prada). My second novel by the same author. I think this categorized in ROMANCE >...< ! But i was attracted by the work life of the Protagonist actually. I would say if you read more than one novel from this author, you wouldn't feel like going for the third one. Because between this two, you will find it somehow there is a lots of similarity either in the plot or characters. Not going to be critical here, but one thing... I love the way she transcribed ! Beginner in reading field (even though i'm have no idea whether there is such thing), is very recommended to get this (just a hunch) ! hehe The vocabulary difficulties is just moderate not hard so ... 

Cranberries Fruit Dried. Snacking it while working. Best. 

Mandarin Orange. 
Uncle had too much that he cough a lots. Carol had too much that she'd suffer diarrhea. LOL. 

Hui Lau Shan' + New book (it's a criminal friction ... wow) ! 

Selca. #theOnlyOnePiercing

Have you watched this movie ?' Oh My God ~~~~ Joel Kinnaman ! He is so damn hot man (slap me)! In the beginning of the movie, i hadn't really notice him. He might be the Protagonist but not every one put have their eyes on them (but the plot lah) so ... Until the explosion and he recall all his beautiful memories like dancing with his wife at the prom when he only have a tee on. You can see how buff he is. The biceps and etc. Face feature as well. Imagine if an Asian like me dating (or even shagging) with someone like him ... #celebritycrush He is HOT ! That's all. hahahahha For how i think about the movie, you can visit my Instagram yea @frankieroseuni ! 

Trying to have (green) tea everyday. 

Going back to college ?' Hmm ... 

Lanky right ?' 
Lol ! It is just delusion. The picture was taken upside down and i flipped it over. Actually i had my legs against the wall (for 30 mins). Trying to do this every single day and hopefully it will helps my sturdy legs into a pair of supermodel legs ! #thinktoomuch. Within 30 mins, you will feel numb and in the beginning of this habit-to-be, you can't even hold for 30 mins one because it is quite painful from the numbness. It still hurts after you have your legs straighten / went to bed. >...< 

Another (rather thick) book-in-reading. #TheStand 

#GreenTea + #ChocolateIndulgence = <3 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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❥ thelennayeen said...

Hello, Frankie ! Thanks for visiting my blog! hehe! Finally I get to know and visit your blog! *sigh~~ too bad that during the last event, I was too shy to talk with you! Nvm, hope to see you in other event or any places when we happen to bump into each other! Hehe! Nice to meet you! I am Lenna! :D