Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekly Updates ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Gong Xi Fat Choy ~~~

How many kilograms have you gained ?' lol. 
Time for weekly update here. I know it was and on Chinese New Year duration so you will be expecting tons of CNY #ootd, foods and angpou or even relative's group picca right ?' BUT nil. You not gonna see any of them here as everyone / every family adopt a different kind of celebration regarding to their environment or so. 

They (my CNY's holidays) are quite leisure and indeed a relaxing one as finally i can spend my time on book and find time to visit cinema (alone, just in case you are wondering) and engrossed into a funny and festive movie. 
I've finally finished this book and it keeps my finger longing to flip the pages and here i'm come to the end. I know i'm like so damn out-dated for not reading this already but late better than never right ?' So now i wanted to check out the movie (which i have no idea where i can get a hand on it). And gonna hunt down the next book of it ...
Revenge wear PRADA ! Miranda Priestly indeed is a bitch that never admitted given the wrong info in the instruction (or she is just super oblivious) BUT Emily has the point. Being the most prestigious magazine editor-in-chief is a really tough one ! Ensuring each of the issue have been satisfied with what readers would like to read and so. But Andrea has a rather 'fun' experience in working with her which aspired by me (after reading this book). xD How she gonna make her - Miranda payback ?' *excited*
Snacking on strawberries while reading magazine. 

A rather refreshing dessert. 
I keep longing for cold and refreshing dessert after deal with the hotness while travelling in public transport at the noon. This is lime flavored (with lychees) and it is from Sweet Hut. Can't remember the whole and long name so ...

A healthier choice. 

Did i mentioned that i was trying to come out with a makeup tutorial before but failed tremendously and one of the factor is due to my sturdy fingers. They looked so damn ludicrous in the video. The above one if another video where i'm trying to share the beauty tips i got from Hada Labo Beauty Talk but i'm not really satisfied with it (the post is really to be published momentarily) so will try to come out with another or ... 

Spot the difference ?' Left one is more pinkish. I bought a scraper and a rough skin cream and hoping it will make my feet look younger (not like an uncle one). But the next hour after the work-done, i realized i gone a bit too far that parts of it tingled when i walk on them (of course i need to walk on them all the time) and it slightly bleeding, wtf. :( How do i know when i should have stop ?' Albeit it look more pinkish now, but if you happen to slide with it (my feet), they are actually so damn harsh and coarse that they will scrape a baby soft skin. >...< 

Favorite Minestrone Stone. 
I remembered once i order this one by pronouncing the Mine-Strone soup without pointing on the wording in the menu (or i actually did) and they served me with Mushroom Soup and the next time i went, i found out they actually pronouncing it as Mi-ne-strone Soup. Hmm ... 

Chocolate Lava (if i didn't mistaken)
Are those whipped cream ?' I'm not sure but it taste exactly like full cream milk just in this kind of wet-cream-form and it is actually a little disgusted. The cake indeed a little too firm but with it warm chocolate, it is forgivable. lol.

I swear i'm gonna stop indulging with nuts after having this. I love their cranberry dry fruit (which in the package) so much but the thing is the almonds are so damn hard and tough that i almost break my tooth for it and it make my face squarely (from biting hard stuffs). 

Sneak peek on the recent mask i'm using. *excuse me for the damn dark circle*

Another #ootd posted in Instagram.  

I watched Macau to Vegas and what i think about it ?' I WANNA MARRY WITH NICHOLAS TSE (even though he was quite nerdy in the movie). xD Can't get over it man. I hope i were the lady inside but of course Chow-Yun-Fat was charming (in the movie) as well that i hope my father are this charming, funny and mischievous. xD  Have A Nice Week Ahead ... ❤

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