Friday, February 21, 2014

What's In My Bag ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Here i am on my early weekend (Friday) ! YuHoo ~~~

I've fucking made one 'Movie' after so long (trying to make one) and it is on it's way to the YouTube (i know ! Everyone can upload one/some) but still and finally i made it ! Didn't stammering much (but still stammered) and have edited it (by iMovie) which i hope i did a (fair) good job because it is kinda intricate and i've tried my best and surely i will explore more and utilize it to the max.

It is about "What's In My Bag" (i know it is a bit out-dated but still, i'm doing one) ...
I went out earlier so i just grab the bag (not my usual one) and pull it off ! Usually my bag will be so much crammed and with lots of 'rubbish' like tissue papers (they find their way out from the package, i don't hurl any used tissue in it), receipts and etc. You will come across that i stuffed my personal cards in an angpau (instead of a purse) and you find no purse/wallet in it because ... Simply that i don't have one ! Not that i lack one just that i don't need one. As i've mentioned, i carry little cash and basically my bag is strewn with coins and paper notes (un-glam). The worst thing come to the card(s), when you need it, it seem no where to be found unless you go scuffled with your bag, lol.

Current book in my bag :-
Vampire Academy

I hope you guys do enjoy !

Conquer your fear(s) by doing the things you are fear at ! - from The Magic of Thinking BIG 
*It really worked*

*ain't no other picture for the thumbnail right ?'* >...< 

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