Saturday, March 8, 2014

Clubbing Do No Good ... ❤

Howdy guys... :)
How is your weekend so far?! I hope it is enjoyable to all of you. Why am I here?! Because I wanna rant a bit. >…<

I find guys who Go/going/went to club(Bing) NO GOOD . Somehow it included smoking. I went there once and I swear I know what and Why guys are there and what their mind up to. It is simple. They are simply looking for one-nighter or trying to kill time by having someone's (most likely a sexy stranger) butt in their hand or maybe boobies. Do you really believe the guy you met in the club will stay loyal If you guys managed to get into a relationship ?! Come on! Guys, will you think the girl (As a regular visitor to the/any club) you met in the club will stay loyal ?! Maybe after a few times of infidelity or promiscuity, you get what I mean?!

Of course, there is someone out there feeling solitude at the night and wanna a get-out-from-the-house time with friends but can you really talk or communicate in the blaring-music-places?! I think somehow the someone will end up having a sexy lady shoved into his arms or a hot guy shoved into her breast. For night hang out place, the not uncommon one is shisha/coffee. If you managed to meet the so called "Mr./Mrs. Right" outside of the club (like library/bookshop) and they tell you that they love clubbing, will you let it slips without having a second thought of the good-looking guy/gal in front of you?! Can you stick with him/her  every times he/she is going there?!  Will you able to keep his dick in his pants all the time?! Come on. The penchant toward it is going sabotage your credibility, for sure.

Why am I writing this?! Because I get irritated when my guy friend ask me whether there is curfew On me and wanna bring me along to the club. The first thing came into my mind is that he gonna try to get into my panties. My answer goes a little crossy and arrogant but it is what it is " No curfew but No! Simply because I don't want to! " I just hate it and if you wanna pissed me off then just ask me to Go clubbing with you. This is a good shot for the effect.

Wanna drink beer because you are stress?! THINK !!! Will beers really dissolve all your problem and take it all away from you?! BIG NO NO. It won't happened, at all. Unless, you drunk and somehow died. *shrug* Same goes to the ciggie and the blaring music which seems to relax your mind (because the music is simply too loud then you can't even think man). If you feel bored then find something to do like read a self-improvement book?! Novel?! I know that not everyone keen on reading but I'm sure there is something more meaningful than clubbing for you. Like playing sports?! If you think you have a good body and wanna show it off then treat your assets better (from getting molested by strangers) by participate in the Miss Universe or even the Miss World, whatever you like. 

If you are a teenager and you willing to give up everything just to have accessed and experienced to the club(s) then it is actually not a problem nor a concern to anyone (it is actually an inevitable 'experience' for me to everyone) except you and your parents. Just don't get pregnant will do. 20-something adults going to clubs are actually an excepted activities in their life and somehow they will feel futile about it after a while (which is years?!) and then they stopped visiting. It is actually normal. I just can't think of Why those can visit club almost every single night and even think of visiting when you supposed to have your career defined. 

That's all I wanna say. Of course I don't assume everyone do understand the view from me and a or some crude comments are expected so suit yourself. Occasional visits are acceptable, maybe. As long as you know what you are doing. Wasting time or having some me/fun time. 

Sexy doesn't mean Slutty.
Slutty doesn't mean Sexy.

Good night... ❤

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