Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Misunderstood. Time. Get Over It. ... ❤






Do you ever have the feeling of wanted something to happen so badly that you pray so hard every night in the bed that thing will happened / changed when you wake up in the next morning ?! 

Or even fabricated every possible situation for it to happens and mentally prepared for it ?! 

Wondering what's gone wrong. Wondering what's made it not happening. Wondering ... 
Wonder sucks ! 

What meant to be will be. 
What meant not to happened, never happen. 

I guess time is the best medication for everything. 

But for the moment, i still want it to happened. 

I ...

I'm not being myself anymore. WHY ?!!!!!!!!
Things suck ! I'm so mad at myself. Especially during this kind of mood swing. 

Or maybe i've misunderstood. The whole thing. 
I think too much. My fault. 

I need to get over it. 
Really. Need. To. 

I will be fine. Everyone will be fine. Everything will be okay eventually. 


Good night. Sweet Dream. 
Sorry for this melancholic post.

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