Saturday, March 22, 2014

Need for Speed versus Superfluous Race Cars ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Let's back to the real me ! The emo one wasn't me. I have no idea who is that and why it is in my body/mind ?!!! xD Anyway, I'M BACK ! 

Finally watched Need For Speed and I'm gonna do a little review on it. 
Hmph ... I would like to say that the Fast series is the legendary one and can't be replaced. 
If you are up to those modern-luxury-race-cars (those like Ferrari type and i think everyone up to it) then here is where you can get to see them in race. Lots of them. And like usual, the teamwork. Candidly, i find the racing part a little boring/draggy. A little too much on the actor's face and it looked like they're gonna ran out of expression if the camera decided to keep running. Other than that, everything else seems okay. The plot is more on realistic due to the peacockery ! Actually, you have no choice to make if you are itching to watch a racing movie as it is the only one (racing type) in the cinema at the moment. But worth it lah ~ No worry ! 

Let's talk about those luxury-race-cars. 
I bet we all have seen them somewhere before either on the road or at the valet services of those exclusive shopping mall right ?' Okay ! I have to admit that they are so damn beautiful and i would definitely do anything to have a test drive on them (maybe after i get my license) then i would be ready to death already. haha. I have no idea who the hell are those who afforded to drive this kind of car (other than LCW) and what they do for the living and let's subside the idea of having a damn rich family that their parents afforded it instead of themselves. Oh ! Anyways, i'm not gonna talk about them. 

They are superfluous
More than you needed but maybe you do want them. 
Like i mentioned before, i do love them and die to have them (if they are sponsored). But whenever those cars appear in my sight, i will averted my head and choose not to even glimpse at them because i don't want to know who are they and evaluate them. 

Okay ! Let's take this example. For example, i'm richer than Bill Gates
The last thing i want to do with my money is to buy those superfluous car (even one) ! Does Bill Gates have any of those cars ?' Maybe his children does ! Because it is simply more than you needed. I will definitely invest on a good car like Bens, BMW or etc because they are really good at those quality thing. Can you imagine when the Bens only have a few nicks while the national product's bumper has gone. (sound like advertising but this is based on my own experience) Invest in a good car for your safeness not a bourgeois / trying to public display the wealthiness. And do you ever see a real successful person (successful doesn't necessarily mean making more money) showing any interest in any of those superfluous cars ?' Only those unsuccessful will. They use the money their made to make more money (instead of spending it that way). 

Bill Gates have don't-know-how-many-millions with him but that doesn't mean he has don't-know-how-many-millions of cash to spend (not before he converted all his belongings to cash and no doubt that this is the last thing he wants to do).

And i have no doubt that most of them are spoil brat and whoever money it is, they are running out real soon. Like REAL SOON. 

They are endangering their own life. 
If you decided to drive those car then you better have bodyguards or something like that. They are basically the target of thieves even just a pick pocket. No doubt that their wallet always will be quite thick even not with cash but cards ! They might draw bandit's attention as well and this is the last thing they want, am i right ?' Or maybe they always have a ransom's foundation. xD  *shrug* It is really none of my business. Actually my concern is on their the other half. Poor girl ! Or lucky girl ?' *shrug* *shrug* 

That's all for today and if you find it offended then that means you've owned one. 
Good for you ! But my articles won't change anything of yours, am i not right here ?' So take it or leave it ! 

Just for your secret information, this is my blog and it is entirely entitled to my own opinion/experience. Thank you belly muchiex. 

Have A Nice Weekend ... ❤

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