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[REVIEW] Hada Labo Skin Care Regime with Mild Peeling & Moisturizing Lotion ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Finally getting this done after so much procrastination ! 

First of all, thank you Hada Labo for being so generous on the full size set of skincare products ! 
Actually i'm not that into skincare products because my skin is kinda sensitive / allergic (i don't know which one) ! It made a huge reaction on the new product if it doesn't like it (which is most of it). =...= I used Hada Labo before so there is no such concern on it. Why am i stopped using em ?' Because i don't know how to use it (before this) and ended up that my cleansed-face look so dang shinny which appeared as oily (after the skincare steps) but my skin condition did improve and this much is sure ! Follow me so that you will get the correct application method and get a fresh-radiant-face. 

Let's start with Cleanser, shall we ?' 
Moisturizing Foaming Wash - Hada Labo
What is the cleanser you are using ?' Will it leave your skin feeling dry and tense after the cleansing (before any toner or lotion) ?' If yes, then it do your face no good because it means it deprived the moisture from your face while you cleanse so think ! What if your moisturizer is not really moisturizing (enough) ?' How long will it take for your face to be be-wrinkled ?' *shrug* This one - Moisturizing Foaming Wash actually does leave your face/skin feel supple and no at all tense. (refer the above picture) There is 2 types of Hyaluronic Acid in the wash that moisturize your face. You can use this method to test whether the cleanser is dry for you or not. Use the cleanser to wash your hand. If it is dry (for you) then it will leave the back of your palm feeling tense. For your information, it is not happening with this Moisturizing Foaming Wash. I love how soft the foams are on my face. The more significant one is that it cleanses ! 

Step 2
Mild Peeling Lotion - Hada Labo

The Hada Labo Mild Peeling Lotion has a unique formulation that does not only sloughs away dull skin and impurities but it also stimulates cell renewal. It delicately tighten up pores to prevent clogged pores and breakouts, minimize the appearance of fine lines and improves skin elasticity and firmness. Beside that, it also has moisturizing properties that deeply hydrates the skin, providing a natural radiant and beautiful matte skin. 

This is a new product from Hada Labo which released in February 2014. It removes dead skin and impurities like make-up-leftovers, dust and dirt in the air and etc. It does reduce my pores appearance, for sure and get my skin ready for the Moisturizing Lotion (which is the next step of skincare regime) ! As well as leave my skin looking much more radiant than having to apply the remove-impurities-face-masks sporadically. Be aware that this Mild Peeling Lotion have to work with cotton pads ! Never pour into your palm and does it like the Moisturizing Lotion. I don't think i can live without this ! It is like a luxury skincare products but much more cheaper but of course you have to take time to do this extra steps ! It is suitable for daily use and no worry about it will thinning your skin. 

Step 3
Moisturizing Lotion - Hada Labo
The famous Moisturizing Lotion. As i've mentioned in the Beauty Talk's post that there is 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid in this lotion that obliged in the moisturizing part so check back if you wondering what are those ! Pour propriety amount of the lotion, preferably (old version) of the 50 cents on your palm and spread it all over your face but still it depends on the size of your face. Tap them in (if you are 22 years old then tap 44 times for the whole face which is twice of your age) for it to be absorbed so that you don't waste it ! Using this Moisturizing Lotion is also prepare your skin for the Moisturizer - Hada Labo and for better absorption. 

Step 4
Perfect Gel - Hada Labo
Do you accidentally get the fallacy and thinking that this is a sleeping mask ?' I thought so ! But no. It is a Gel that you apply after the Moisturizing Lotion which acts as a moisturizer and it can be use as a Sleeping Mask occasionally. Up to you. Let's talk about the smell of it first. For me, it smells like a kind of alcohol that my mom used to cook the chickens with. I can't remember what is the name and i'm lazy to get my butt up and ask my mum, hehe. But the smell doesn't goes very strong or annoying. The texture is very light and the gel is very bouncy?' A thin layer will do. 

Last / Step 5
UV Moist Emulsion - Hada Labo
Sun Block ! Do you developed the habit of applying sun block after the last step of your skincare regime ?' It is important ! If you don't then you are bearing the risk of having darker dark eye circles and more wrinkles/fine lines (according to Liu Yen) ! I started right after Liu Yen told this. =...= I'm scared. This Sun Block is surprising me ! The texture is very light very spreadable ! But remember to shake it before you pour the amount you needed to avoid a separate layers of the Sun Block. It feels a little oily when you spread it but right after you finished spreading it, you feel nothing and see nothing. Do i make any sense here ?' Remember to remove it before you cleanse your face again ! You are ready to go now ! Look into the mirror after all these steps and you will see a radiant and so dang fresh face. 

Recommended BB Cream :-
(do i have to tell you how much i heart this BB Cream again ?' Don't laugh ok ?' >...<)

Okay ~ 
I know ! This look more like an advertorial instead of an honest review BUT IT IS. It is an review and based on what i really feel and think about those products ! Try it yourself. Or leave it. There is nothing i dislike (nothing i can think of). After using this set of products, my skin really feel so much supple and look so much radiant. As i mentioned that my pores appearance have been diminished (getting no enough moisturizing / dry will left your pores looking more prominent) and even though you are on the mensus-breakout-season, no worry ! With your skin looking so much supple and radiant, it actually not that bad to have those pesky breakout, hhaha. And now, you can study yourself in the mirror no matter how close it is ! It won't be perfect or flawless for sure but it definitely is better. 

That's all for today and i hope you enjoy and find it helpful?' maybe ?' And really sorry about the portraits' quality !

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