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[MOVIE REVIEW] In The Dark 怨鬼 2014 ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Let's do this ! I rarely do any movie review because i'm too lazy on it ! But this one, i just have to do something ! Or say something ! Anyways, for your information, it is a Malaysia's production. 

I will rate it for 1 out of 5 or 2 out 10. 

As i mentioned, i am a horror freak (i can't live without them and i need to fix the addiction from time to time). 
Actually the first movie suggested is the project H-something (Thai) but the screening timing is like all f-up. So we decided to go for this one as the showing time is kind of perfect for us. I do came across Malaysian's horror once (only ONCE) in the YouTube and let's not say about anything about it because it is just like this one. So i do not get my hopes very high (for this movie) but i do still have some standards (as it is not on the YouTube and you don't get free entry) ?' I never into those farcical (funny) horror but ... This one is like worst ! 

I'm gonna list down what i dislike :-

1. The Way They Speak 
It is getting sense that they are (the movie) trying to get into the movie watchers by speaking the way just like we do. If you wondering, here is some of the example "做莫将的?"/"做莫我要帮你?" I can't really recall much of them but i really find it irritated. You just don't do it in the movie which will be screening in the cinema (this will never get out of Malaysia, not a chance). I feel like laughing all the time they spoke. It is like i'm watching a failed-made/demo/blooper of a movie. Sorry and it didn't worked. 

2. The Protagonist's Chinese
She is Jennifer Foh, if you wondering and i think she speaks only English in real life because it is either she is nervous with the camera on that she didn't sounds right with those words or she is a banana ! 

3. Lazy Script-er / Lame Plot
I'm not gonna synopsis the story here (as there is an official version) so let's just pinpoint where is it i meant. The whole story turns up to be quite mind-f-king because instead of trying to lead the supposedly ghastly plot by having her (May, who died in a car accident) friend (Vivien) to be the culprit, it turns out the spook is a guy instead of a girl due to the both organs she born with it (she hides the truth from her bf and she didn't returned to do anything about it ! Just standing there ?). There is another spook who haunted Vivien and it turns out to be a student from their piano classes (they conducted) who committed suicide and she thought they held the responsibility on her death instead of the May who try to haunt her down for murdering her (to get her bf). 

I know the plot i mentioned above is so dang mediocre (for horror) and very predictable but what i've seen in the cinema (this movie) is much more worse than what i said. Don't believe me ?' Watch it. 

It is definitely an unexpected twisted plot, a very surprising plot that it never existed in my mind after tons of horror in my life but it is ludicrous (maybe the student still acceptable but definitely not the guy-or-gal part). 

4. Crying Scene 
The guy (i can't recall the name) is really good at using his face, perfect for being an actor but there is no TEARS ! Not even once or one. They're actually good at being natural in the movie and no doubt regarding their acting skill (i'm not expert to judge on this or evaluate so leave it). What intrigued me is that crying scene, none is considered as passed except the guy's face with no tears (i mean he did make himself look very agonizing about losing his gf but why no tears ?). Tears (actor) stimulates another tears (audience). Cry your heart out and people will cry with you, even in the horror !

5. It is being Ridiculous instead of Spooky/Ghastly 
Do i need to repeat once again why is that ?' I hope no. 

Wait ! That doesn't mean you will not get scared by those scene. 
Maybe the black lady (someone burnt not black in races) in the reflection of the mirror ?' Others are okay. Just some opaque figures standing there. Doing nothing. Just ready for those abrupt blaring sound (which is normal when you watch every horrors). 

Above are the five reason why it is to my dislike. 
But if you really have to watch this then just look at their good-looking faces. They are all kinda pretty and handsome (for me, i don't know you lah). Anyways, i expected more. More ghastly. More spookiness.

Have A Nice Day ..

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