Monday, March 17, 2014

[Review] Mad About Coco in Publika ... ❤

One thing i like about blogging is that ...

Not really active nowadays in attending events so i hardly get to meet to them. :( 
So i decided why not have a personal rendezvous so that we can really catch up with each other. We went to Mad About Coco due to the pictures presented in other blogs which looked very savourous ! We gossiped a lots (most of the time) and laugh like shit but what is said will always stay there. We are not gonna hurt people in their face. 

Miss it already ! 
Miss laughing out whole-heartedly. Hardly laugh about anything nowadays. 

Let's talk about food/desserts. 
Three of us come to an attune conclusion which is we grew hatred toward chocolate. xD

The one with strawberries and OREEEEOOOO in the soft crepe is having way too much oreo. Strawberries only contained like 10% of the whole thing, other are just oreo ! The freshness of the strawberries are just fine. Another problem existed when you decided to chat and relish them slowly, the crepe get harden.  Not soft anymore. 

Too much Oreo = vile. 

Trutti Frutti Waffle. 
Side dishes first. The strawberries again are just fine, not really like fresh fresh. The banana are fine as well, not much comment on it but it taste bland not so banana. Move on to Ice Cream, I have no idea what flavor is that and it is fine as well but thaw considerably fast. The waffles get harden as time goes by as well. 

The price !
Total = RM51-00 (two serves)! But i don't think it is any how worth it. Except if you are paying for good looking food. Just good looking, nothing else. 

Til next time. ❤

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