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Weekly Updates with Non-Stop & Haunt ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
How was your weekend and how is your Monday ?' 

I know what is happening but let's start off with my kinda-hectic Monday first before we get all moody. Went back to my high school and collected my Original SPM Cert (which sat in 2010). Don't you say anything ! There is still stacks of Cert there ! xD The building is definitely much more magnificent, kinda look like a college. Why don't they do it before 2010 so that we (out batch) can enjoy at least one year or maybe six months ?' Lol. The entrance superviser told me that i look like a Christian?!' Luckily he didn't said Jesus ! Do people look at faces to determine your religion (nowadays)?' Maybe he is trying to tell me that i look like mix (which i'm quite proud of it, haha). People always say i don't look like Chinese or even Malaysian. I'm quite euphoria about people saying me looking like mix or maybe Taiwanese but definitely not MALAY or FILIPINO man ! When i share these thing with my mum, my mum always get insulted like i do but she didn't share the same feeling of being proud about me looking like a mix. Hmph ... xD I'm 100% pure Chinese (at least i think so)!

Let's start with the Weekly Updates !
Answer my question ! Quite nice right ?' Le smile ! :)

#Throwback and i miss CNBlue standing in front of me (i mean on the stage) and sing for me >...< Especially the charismatic Yong-Hwa but i'm thinking that he might be a quite arrogant person in real because of his attitude on the press conference but who knows he might be having mensus on that press con?' xDDD

'Missing MH370' is the No. 1 Trend in Yahoo so you know how serious it is ! At first when peoples started to share the news in FaceBook, i've chose to ignore it because i thought it might be one of the protocol for promoting Non-Stop (which obviously is not) or some hoax and to be honest i never read any articles regarding it but i do know it went missing and none of the authorities able to draw out why and where it is even til now. Where did the plane go ?' How on earth a plane can go missing ?' It can't be still flying because it due of petrol long ago. Hmph ... All the radio host actually not helping to lighten up the situation / ambience. They all decided to host with a so-damn-down-mood-voice and it is actually quite irritated. They supposed to cheer peoples up and brighten our days ! (i didn't mean that they should host or have fun like normal and ignore this sad news) One of the call they picked up is from the family member of one of those missing people and he said " This incident teaches us that appreciate your loved one because you never know what is gonna happen in the next minutes !" and he burst into tears that he can't even talk ! It's real ! Appreciate now or never

I find the sporadical press conference quite annoying. What they said always the same since the first one, i reckon because i've heard the exact same thing twice or thrice from yesterday. Why don't they stop waste people time and just released the press so that every fm or social network will 'automatically' cover it instead of call a conference and keep saying the same thing again! again! and AGAIN! Why not save those energy / time / money into putting MORE and MORE EFFORT in locating the plane ?' The plane is behemoth as i know compare with an elephant?' and i know the WORLD is further behemoth but if you really search, will you really miss a so damn big thing ?' Beside from the repetitive context, the announcer is basically trying to torture peoples' ear ! Get someone who can speak fluently to make the announcement man (didn't matter what language it is) ! My ears get strained and i lay a bet that not only me who feel this way! I know it is their responsibility to get the news around for whom concern but if there isn't any news then save it man. i don't get the point of talking piffle. Non of the factor is confirmed and all the questions will lead to only one answer "For the moment, we can't make any affirmation. The most important thing now is to locate the plane then only we know what was really happening !" See ! What is the purpose of going there if you already know the answer ?' Okay. I need to stop ranting about it or else my Weekly Updates will be all about how dementia it is. I sincerely hope they are safe in maybe an isolated island ?' but ALIVE. No one deserved to be life-deprived such abruptly ! 

Movie of the week :-
Haunt !
FINALLY ! Finally there is an horror showing in the cinema but guess what ?!' It suck ! Really it is ! I think the script-er/crew are just lazy ! It starts off with quite an amount of spokiness but end with bullshit ! The story is about a haunted house and the previous residence family all died horribly except the mother so another family moved in and they (the both person in the picture) started the venturous operation about a box, which you can communicate with the ghost in the area with the right frequency ! The previous boy who stayed in the room spoke via the box and they freaked out. They seek help from the mother, who lived in there and she asked them to burn the box and stay away from chubbyhouse (which in the room). They did what she told but things still happened and the girl (in the above picture) killed the guy (in the above picture). They were couple. Why it is there is a ghost ?' It is because the mother, who survived and moved discovered that her husband having an affair which a lady who decided to give birth in their clinic. And the mother had killed the lady and stashed it below the laminated wooden floor and there you goes why the house is haunted. I can't even have a clear image on how the ghost looked like. It just show a blur version of something. It is not recommended. Save your money for upcoming one which i think it might be better. 

Why it is suck ?' Because the ghost or maybe the story never goes to the other family member other than the boy. The ghost didn't bothered to do that. It is always two of them. Be more cruel and wild so that we will scare ?' And why doesn't the make a revenge on the mother ?' Hmph ... 

Non-Stop !
I don't really have much to share with you guys regarding this movie but ... This is definitely better than Haunt ! The plot is quite good and it tricked you into thinking that those threatening might be all from his imagination and he is sick but No. After watching this, it makes me wonder whether there is really an or two ensconced air marshal in every flight. Which I hope there is ! Another thing is, western movie aren't so racist anymore. They've had putting some effort on making Blacks a part of them. Which is quite cool. Black doesn't mean bad (even though i still bear the hatred toward "Wai Lao"). Talking about this, i saw a pretty Indian guy in the bus (today) and i'm wondering why don't Indians followed the trends and make some korean-style-romantic-drama ?' xDD The guy is like really pretty and not sissy at all. He has the volumest and longest eye lashes and he is tall but neither thin nor fat. Just looking good. You get what i mean ?' 

Can't wait for the #NeedForSpeed and #BrickMansion ! #NeedForSpeed is like another version of #Fast but still you have to watch it after seeing those trailer. #BrickMansion, Paul Walker is in there but still the trailer is really put me into it. 

Current book in read. - Someone to Watch Over Me
Do you believe that a Down's Syndrome will burn the residence for disables down ?' 
Cake : Black Forest - Secret Recipe beyond Vegetarian 

Until The End. 
Now i can confirm with you that this is a teenagers' novel and the murderous-like-twist is just some thriller that keep your finger leafing the pages. I can't remember what it is that i promised (in my mind) that i'm gonna share it here. But it is a good one even though it is a little thick. 

Wah ... Why so blur ?' >...< 
Have you see the article that listed down all the plastic pretty girls ?' Do you realize they all having a sharp and V chin (after the plastic) ?' So does this mean you have to have a V shape chin to be considered as pretty ?' Hmph ... I hope not ! Because i don't have one and i don't have extra penny for any plastic. :( The above picture is without any editing (vanishing the blemishes didn't count ok) but it is just all about the angle. I don't have a V shape chin but a nearly square one :(

May God Be with MH370 passengers ... 
Have A Nice Day Ahead ..

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