Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekly Updates with CNBLUE - Can't Stop ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
How is your week so far ?!' I hope you all doing good, not just all right even though mine a little suck due to my stomach decided to 'scuffle' with itself =...= ! 

Let's start the weekly updates without much piffle ! 
Not much happening last week (in my life) but it doesn't mean i have a dull week, it was rather blithe actually but not gonna go into them which is a bit too personal. Actually i was thinking about making the long due video on certain brands (at the weekend) but my body just kept upsetting me with the annoyed Auntie Mensus and made my stomach kinda into diarrhea mode man so No Video :( 

Let's get started, shall we ?' 
I finished this and i would die to have a peek on how good-looking are Vincent Brothers so i went to google about "Vincent Brothers" and ... Go google it yourself. They are culprit (i think murderer, if i didn't mistaken) in real back in 1930++, wtf. xD I would like to see this novel turned into movie as well and take me into your consideration of the Ashton or Lana ! I can't wait to hang out with hot guys ! #justsaying Not so bad overall even though there is a lot of sexual lines. I love how vivid and animated those lines are and they literally make you feel how sad it is for Sawyer to lose Lana (and etc.) and i swear your eyes will moisten / you will feel the urge of the tears (or maybe just me) ! Recommended if you are looking for Young Adult Romance

Until The End. 
It is a rather thick book man. I still can't really sure whether it is about teenagers' life or a criminal novel. Hmph ... I think both. I have gone half of it by now so we will see ! After reading so much exotic novel, i feel like we are falling behind. They are so much mature by high school and enter college in 16 ?' And graduated by 22 ?' and ready for marriage ! wtf. But that is actually a good thing. 

I love Veggie Steamboat. 
Bad habit ! Stuffed all the food i thought i want in the plate and never finish ! 

Movie of the week. - 3Days to Kill. 
I tell you what ?!' The protagonist is as attractive as Andy Lau to me. The older they get, the more attractive they are. So much "男人味" man. But this guy here got booze belly and (in my personal opinion) I find Andy Lau's voice better than this guy and i can't really stand the hoarseness voice in this guy which due to  the aged. The plot, i mean the movie was all right. It is all i can tell. Nothing more or less. 

Let's end this post with CNBlue - Can't Stop !
So damn jealous for the white girl inside. Why not me ?!' I also want paper aeroplane from Yong Hwa ! I also want flower ! Please step in my place via my mirror ! No. I think he will fall if he do so. hahahah Even though i don't understand a single words by the lyrics, but it's okay because they are CNBlue. xD 

Have A Nice Week Ahead ... ❤

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