Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fuck them all and live ONCE for yourself ... ❤

Life is damn short (way too short) ! 
Stop bothered about other's ! 

Other's thoughts ! Other's opinion ! Other's way of act ! Other's bitchiness ! 
Fuck them all and live ONCE for yourself !

Start taking charge on your own happiness. ❤

Me and my (younger) brother finally talk ! Heart to heart ! He shares his things with me ! And i kinda get it why he once was thinking about giving up his academic ! He told me he didn't really making any new friends and the way his classmates checking him out is bothering him. He don't really talk in the class and sort of thing. The class he is in is actually a new class for him (he get promoted to the more advance class) due to his academic result (last year). Hmph ... I feel like beat the shit out of his classmates but if i really do so, i'm only going to get him embarrassed or ashamed. In my opinion, you can't really expect the people you just met to be the same as the previous one so everyone have different thoughts or opinion about you and you can't take a tad of control on it and some might bias about you so what you can really do is stop thinking about these things and act all natural. Talk like you will to anyone, any one that you will befriending with. If the way they checking you out is so uncomfy that you feel like punching them in the face then do it ! Tell them "Stop staring or else i will start biting" then laugh it off. This is life. There is people, everywhere. 

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