Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Have A Tough Life ?!' ... ❤

The worst feeling ever :-
When you realized the assignment(S) due date is just only a month away and you haven't even start a word on it yet and there is tons to be done. 

Just another feeling post here. 
Have been really tight up and not even have time for assignment, ftw.
This is how you feel when you are working and studying simultaneously. #Lol.  
It is not at all tough for me. I even slot time for my workout session every night before bed and i feel great at it. :) 

I'm enjoy being tight up, being a busy bee but please ... 
Don't let me flunked my exams >...< !

Have you ever think of why your life is so rough / tough or even damn challenging ?' 
I think of it. I think it is because Gawd loves me/us so much that HE willing to spend time on our life. 

Nothing lasts forever.
Even the toughness of your life. As long as you do something on it, it will be over sooner or later. 

Hard work always pays off. 
If you don't work on it, it remained. Forever. 

If you hate Gawd / your life that is full of challenges or toughness ... 
Try to think ! If Gawd doesn't loves you then do you think HE will spend time on your life at all ?' Trying to make you learn through something/anything that happened in your life ?' 
Why not HE just let you die of blandness of your life ?' 

Because HE simply won't. 
HE just loves every creation of HIS

Everything that happened, there is a lesson on it. 
I'm pretty sure. ❤

I'm happy with where i am right now ...
Even though i have no idea whether there will be a considerably bright future for me but i'm going to work as hard as i can right now. :)

Oh ~ 
One thing i really not happy with is that i'm getting tanner and tanner. :( 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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