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How to Mildly Annoy those Gamer(s) ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Time to update ! What inspired me to do this post ?' 

Needless to say we have to special thanks my brother (for inspired me) who able to sit on his butt in front of his computer for more than 6 hours, non-stop. Let alone whether there is network connection ! He used to refuse to eat and sleep and sleep talk regards those online games thingy. Wtf right ?' So i have to put all my effort in trying to make him feel annoyed. He don't even bothered about anyone when he is in there (games) ! In order to make sure he don't stray stay (forever) inside those games, i have to remind him that he is a human being and he lives here not in there ! xD 

I bet i'm not the only one who having this kind of situation right ?' 

Let's get started ! 
1. Where is the guy heading to ?' 
In those games, gamer(s) would have created a (or more) character and the gamer took charge of everything the character does and i bet this is why people (gamer) are so 'intoxicated' in it ! They get to controlled the character. So whenever you accidentally / intentionally get a glimpse on the screen, the character will be either running or walking around. To get into the gamer's nerve, point out what is obvious / what you see first xD " 做莫那个人要跑?他赶时间?要迟到了?" tap him on his shoulder and give him those inquisitive stare / puppy eyes ! 

2. Why there is a sword on his back ?' 
Next move to what you see on the character. Carrying a knife ?' A sniper rifle ?' A chain ?' and etc. Not necessarily have to be on his back. It can be in his hand. " Why is he carrying a knife as his weapon ? The aggressivity is almost null man. Change ! Change ! " / " This gun no good ! Change ! Change ! " / " 哇!那把剑不重啊?还大过那个人叻!" Point on the sword then walk away. 

3. Hideous ! The guy outfit is hideous ! You chose them ?' 
Outfit ! #OOTD ! I'm not sure whether they able to choose the outfit on the character but this is one of the way to annoy them so even you think the outfit is quite fashionable and you thinking to get one for yourself, you still have pretend to get annoyed by the outfit! OR maybe you can get it another way round ! " OMG ! 他的衣服很美!那里买的?你不懂?可是是你选的哦!" get crossly a bit. xD 

4. Which airport is he in ?' Subang ?' KLIA ?' 
Background ! Tell him you find the place familiar and pretending to be dredging on it. xD " Ei ~ 这不是那个XX Shopping Mall 咩?他们让他穿这样进去啊?有剑哦!" then walk away. Do not wait for an answer because obviously it is not the case and normally the background is just some graphics thingy. xD 

5. What are they talking about ?' 
Especially with those online games, you will see groups of character in a venue then the character which the gamer is controlling will be walking around, bump into people and pretend to be talking. So be nosy ! Be busy body ! Be a 八婆!Ask him what they are saying ! xD " 你看!这个人好像在讲你的人的坏话!你看他的头!" Lol. 

6. OMG ! Did he just strike ?' 
Those gamer remember which keys in this QWERTY keypads i'm typing on right now will be the manual for every single games ! Don't they amazed you ?' I don't think i can remember something like that ! It usually only slightly differ from each other. =.= " 按哪一个?按哪一个?教我!教我!" tug his sleeve. 

7. Here mah ! Why there ?' See ! You lose dy !
In order to pull this trick, you don't have to be watching how the game goes ! You can be just simply pass by and it happened that he lost the battle ! xD " 你不是玩了很多年?做莫还会输的?" give him a sympathetic look. 

8. I think i can do better than you ! 
I always ALWAYS think so when i'm watching him playing shooting games ! I'm only interested in shooting games ! That's all. Sometimes, i bugged him to let me have one game but then ... I don't even familiar with which keys i'm supposed to be using =.= " 我来!这个将容易!" Just to bug him, he won't give in (his seat) so easily. 

9. I want SDO !
LOL. Guys normally not that into SDO and they don't waste space in the computer to store SDO (as i know of) so mentioning it will definitely annoyed him. Only if the gamer cares about you, if not the gamer won't be bothered on whatever you want. >...< 

10. Who invented this game ?' So cool ! 
Address the gamer's name and pull on a serious face then only you ask. Be aware that he might be pausing his games and really drill into the history, the founder and the company of the games ! Then your mission failed. xD " 等下!我肚子痛!" 

Below tricks are more on personal. 

1. Don't you thirsty ?' 
Please make sure they have water that are reachable for them if not they won't get into the hassle of pausing the games just to get water ! Of course you don't have to tend on the issue yourself. Just ask him this question whenever you passed by or you happened to remember. xD 

2. Don't you hungry ?' 
They tend to wolf down the food whenever you shove the food to them or didn't bothered to get any food that is ready until it is not available then only they 'announced' they are hungry (most likely the time you going to hit the hay) ! Ask several times when the food is ready and he is not getting up for it. 

3. Let's go get ice cream !
Tempt him with whatever he likes ! " Let's go for the XX movie ! I thought you wanna watch ?' My treat ?' " / " Let's go eat XX " and etc. But normally you won't get a satisfying answer. Most of the time, they don't want it anymore. But the moment they finish ... It is different story ! =...= 

4. URGENT ! URGENT ! Let me have the computer for a while ! 2 minutes ! 
Of course there is nothing urgent ! Other than scrolling Facebook timeline to check on people's life ?!' So take your time scrolling but you will have to give back the seat once he realized if not he will definitely go damn mad. Irreversibly mad. xD and normally no matter how many URGENT you've used, you won't get the seat right away. It is usually 10 ++ minutes after. (my experience) 

5. How is your girlfriend ?' 
He don't really have to have one. The best is when he told you that there is someone he likes in his school but somehow they are not an item. So this question will definitely annoyed him. No matter what is happening in his games, he will find a slot to glare at you ! Then of course do not meet his eyes lah. 

6. I have something important to tell you. 
Address him in name. Pull on a damn serious or sad face (your choice). Address him in name again. Address his name until the gamer pause the games and have his/her attention on you then only you started trying to say something that annoy the shit out of him. Like " I'm hungry ! " / " You are my brother ! " / " You are darker ! " and etc. OR you can start with " 妈妈讲/爸爸讲 ... " xD 

Alert :-
Do not overdone any of this. We aimed for mildly annoyed not annoyed the shit out of him. Or else he goes mad then ... Hmph ! 

That's all for today and i hope you do learned something. xD 
#justsaying *sorry for the damn long post* 

Good A Nice Day ... ❤

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