Sunday, April 13, 2014

[MOVIE REVIEW] Oculus 2014 with Karen Gillan (Kaylie) & Brenton Thwaites (Tim) ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Time to update again ! How is your weekend ?' Good ?' 

I told ya' ! I need to fix my horror's addict from time to time right ?' Since there is like two (or maybe more) horror have been released in to the cinema then it is time for me to have my butt in the cinema ! This time it is #Oculus ... Like last time, i won't bothered to post the synopsis here because i'm sure you will have no problem in fetching them on the website so let's don't waste our time on that (synopsis) ! 

Straight to the point ...
It is not because there is no tears on the actors' face or the linguistic problem ... It is the plot ! The plot is damn drab ... No climax ! Revolving around a mirror ?!' Okay ... Maybe the mirror did have some spooky/creepy (dark) magic but why is it ?' and how it all started ?' Why don't you tell ?' Because i just don't get the whole point of it ... It is just like Paranormal Activity ! Suck to the max. Do you ever come across a movie that you feel damn empty just like you never been into any movie for the past 2 hours except sitting there ?' And when rows of names coming up on the screen, you feel like asking the person beside you "Sorry ! What is it ?'" This is one of those kind. Sorry ! But i'm telling the truth. 

But still ...
There is something i like ! What is it ?' 

1. Fraternity between Sister and Brother !
Okay ! Fine ! I might be a little bias here because i have a lovely brother and i hope he grows up later and look this hot man! hahahahaha #justsaying I just like it ! The concept of using a sibling instead of a couple. Since we are here ... There was a flying cockroach in the living room, i jumped up and went frenzy and i keep pushing my (younger) brother to pick it up by any how then he went all the way from marco to sissy. He told me "I'm scare ! I'm afraid it will fly." and it took him around 20 minutes to pick it up with a card and throw it outside =.= I know i supposed to be looking after him but it is a cockroach ! A FLYING COCKROACH ! and i think getting rid of it is one of the man niche ?!' hahahahahaha 

Karen Gillan as Kaylie
Brenton Thwaites as Tim 
I swear to Gawd they are the hottest siblings i have ever came across man ! 

3. The Acting Skill 
As i mentioned, i'm not an expert ! I'm have no idea how they (judges/expert) do the rating for the position of "The Movie Star of the year" kind of thing. I'm a mundane movie viewer, that's all. But i'm really impressed with their acting skill especially the young Kaylie. The frown on her forehead. The tears ! The way she shows she is frightened. The way she encouraged her younger brother. She is like the main protagonist. She is just a kid man ! But the acting skills she has is like beyond her age ! Regarding the adult Kaylie, i like the apple part ! Where she accidentally ate the light bulb and cut her tongue (just a delusion). I guess they trained well. As a movie viewer, i keep up the paces of the actors' emotions (because they managed to) but the plot is just too confusing. >...< 

Based on my very own opinion on the movie. 
Of course if you wanna see HOT guy/gal, you can watch it. It is totally up to you ! :) 

If you looking for an ACTION movie ...
#Sabotage is one of the not-bad choices to make. 

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