Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Stay Slim and In Shape ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Time to update another Fitness! post, i guess ?' xD 

Have you followed my Instagram and see my new abs already ?' Of course it is still under construction ! Today i wanna share with you guys some thought on diet / in getting slim down (whatever it is) ! 

Actually i never into training those #人鱼线 or #马甲线, it just happened. I'm actually aiming to get a killer legs instead. >...< Hmph ... Regarding those legs, i think there is still a far long way to go til i get what i want. It get muscular instead of lanky =...= Okay ! Let's get started without much piffle. 

Have you ever think of why you are eating ?' Not to mention that the foods tasted damn good ! I know ! Everyone knows ! Even the top supermodel who damn skinny in the world knows. Do you really need that much of foods in a day when what you basically do is sitting in the class/office, typing on the keyboard / listening to the lectures then go home (by driving or public transport) then ... What else ?' What do you really do ?' Hang out with friends ?' Yeap, maybe but do you really need to fuel yourself up for that event ?' Think ... (excluded those work strenuous job - physically not mentally) 

Of course, if you are not into keeping your best body shape then you need not to think about those or these things ! Just eat whatever you think you want / need. Is okay ! No one will judge. Everyone is working hard on something so it is totally all own decision to stay fit or ... 

What i'm trying to say is ... 
Have you realized, no matter how much workout/running/exercise you did, you see no conspicuous result ! Actually what really matter(when you trying to slim down) is how much you ate, not how frequent you workout ! Workout is just a bonus that help you be in shape and speed up the slimming process while burning some fats. Without diet control, you get nothing. WAIT ! Listen ! I think you have to know this. When you have so much fats in your body and you workout tons (without controlling your foods intake), what happen next is your fats will be harden and now it is even harder to get rid of them (from London Slimming Down TV's show) ! 

So now think ... 
What you have for your breakfast ?' What for lunch ?' and lastly what for dinner ?' 
Why ?' 

Why we need to shrink the dinner portion after such a long day ?' and Why the big portion of breakfast ?' 
I can't give you any scientific / official explanation on any of them but as i know of, you need breakfast to start your day ! I know people tends to skip them because it is so rushing in the morning and by the time you finally free, it is already lunch break so you having brunch. #lol Try to hit the hay earlier and wake up earlier and make yourself a healthy breakfast or having more time in savouring the ready breakfast on the desk ! Now move on to dinner ... 

Usually dinner time falls on 7-8 pm right ?' 
I'm sure lots of you still have rice in the dinner ! Am i not right ?' or maybe you hate rice and you have been without rice for quite some times but then how about the portion of your dinner ?' I lay a bet that it is bigger than what you really need ! REMEMBER ... After dinner, there will be no more events happening other than hanging around or chilling on the lounge ! Few hours later, you are ready to hit the hay ! Where are those foods you just had supposed to go other than converted them into becoming stored fats ?' I don't think you need lots of energy in the dreamland ! Hmph ... 

Of course this kind of diet is for someone who already satisfied with his/her body shape (or maybe not) !
For those who (still) wanna slim down - like me, take charge on the portion of your meal. Make it as smaller as possible but of course you don't need at all to scrimp on the breakfast portion or maybe lunch (around 1-2) because you have the whole day to make sure it is burned or used. I have rice on the breakfast and 2 packet of biscuit & a cup of milo in the noon then for dinner, it is either null or a packet of biscuit ! For sure, there is some days you just happened to get defeated by the urge of binge eating but is okay ! There is always tomorrow ! (don't misconstrue it) Today you accidentally binge eat something then back on track to the strict diet on the next day started the moment right after you open you eyes (awake) ! Don't be sad when you accidentally done that, it is because you have been doing a great job in controlling your appetite and once in a while (binge eating) won't really have any effect on your slimming journey ! 

There is no other way than controlling your foods intake in slimming journey. 
Think about it ... 

It will definitely be hard and tough in the beginning of resisting all those damn delectable foods but slowly you will get the trick on how to avoid and not to have them. Just keep in mind that what you want ! Don't think of those abdominal lines (#人鱼线 or #马甲线) because it takes more effort on everything ! Including much lesser foods and harder workout ! xD 

Below are some workout for your reference ! 
Here is the previous workout routine.

It is from 顶尖瘦身术 Facebook Page. It shares really lots of tip on how to slim down / get toned so definitely a must to follow/like them (so you will get those feeds). So the link above is a video and it is the set of workout for the inner thigh. I find it quite hard to work on inner thighs ! Hmph ... It didn't released on YouTube (i think) so i have no idea how i can share the video here except of pasting the link here. >...< 

Plank is a must for your core (abdominal part) workout. 
Fast and effective ! 30 secs and you already wanna kill yourself. xD 

Eat Less ! Move Lots !

Other than that, 

Let's get into #motivation. 
Without motivation, nothing really last. 

Miley Cyrus definitely one of them after the appealing transformation. 
The current wrecking ball style doesn't count. 
*notice what is on her hand ?' Before and After ?'*

Slow & Tough 

And look good in everything ! 
Crop tops ! Low waist jeans ! Short ! You name it. 

That's all for today. 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤ 

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Carolyn Tay said...

I'm been putting on too much weight ady, now starting my fitness journey also ^^ jiayou!