Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sweat Your Heart out at ECOPARADISE ... ❤

Nowadays people hardly sweat ... 
Am i right ?' 

I'm gonna share with you guys something that will keep you sweating while anti-oxidizing (anti-aging) ! 

Who doesn't want to stay young forever ?' 

I bet most of us have been to sauna right ?' I bet you do feel the stuffiness in there ?' Hard to breath but keep holding on (in there) because you wanna sweat more ?' Then you should really try this ! 

It makes your skin more supple instead of dry (after sauna) !
No stuffiness in the room ! 
Lying down on the ceramic ! 
Anti-aging / Anti-oxidizing (with negative ion) ! 
Burns stored fat (due to metabolic rate) ! 
Suitable for daily 'dose' (as we expose to toxic everyday) ! 

Tips to stay young :-
- No alcohol 
- No smoking 
- Sweat more 
- Slather on sunblock (when you're heading out)
- Eat healthier 
- Sleep more 
- Relax more (de-stress yourself) 

Location :-
The Garden, 5th Floor 

More info refer their FaceBook page :-
Before                                                                            After 

Stay Young !
Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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