Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tresses ... ❤

Long Hair Girls ... 

How often do you feel like chop off your tresses ?' 

How often the thought of consequences / contingency of it stop you ?' 

How often the cumbersome of the tresses push you toward the limit but then ... 

What if i regret the moment right after i have chopped it off ?' 

What if (somehow) i needed my long hair back ?' 

What if it (short hair) didn't look right on me ?' 

After all this while, i have to go through the awkward-shoulder-hair-length all again ?' 

What if i look like a boy (from the back)?'

What if i don't look sexy or gorgeous anymore (even without the makeup) ?' 

What if ...

TONS of "What if" ... 
What i mentioned above is what i have been thinking all this while ! >...< 
I've started my classes so my time is quite tight up and whenever there is no class, i'm left with only exhaustion that i don't even bothered to be a little vain so needless to say that it has become more unmanageable and always a mess. This is where the feeling strikes ! Strikes me hard.

The feeling of chopping off the tresses strikes me sporadically. I have managed to suppress them as you can see that i still have my long hair with me. >...< I always wanted to go for short length hair like above the shoulder length type because it is easier (in styling, if i didn't mistaken) and definitely takes lesser time when come to blow-drying and not a problem if you feel like washing your hair everyday even though you have little to null time (or water, lol.). BUT there is some concern on it ...

I have done some research on short hairs and here you go for the reference if you thinking to go for a short hair >...<
I'm always love Ashley's short hair. She looks good on them.  
I like Lumi's shoulder hair length and i have almost go and get one but you need to be careful here ! It looks good on her but it might not, on you. The hair length is suitable for someone who afraid to go too short and still able to style. Whether it looks good on you, evaluate yourself.  
Shoulder length but pink. If i have all the money without sitting in the office then i will definitely get this hair, lol. Yeap ! Pink hair.  
QiuQiu who looks good in every hairstyle ! Even blue color hair !  
Rainnie Yang ! 
Another shoulder length hair. 

When you look at those pictures, undeniably that they all look good in their short hairs and you feel like getting the exact same hairstyle as theirs but does it really suit you ?' Will it looks good on you ?' Or make you look like a primary student (the hair not the face) ?' Don't simply go and get one because you think you can but in fact, no. Do some research, ask a trustworthy hairdresser whether the hairstyle suit you face contour and so on ... 

One more thing ... 
Do you realize they are all in pretty good (body) shape ?' That is another reason stop me from getting my tresses chopped. I need my tresses to cover my flabby arms or back. #lol. 

Tips to suppress the feeling of getting the tresses chopped :-
1. Get a bang 
2. Change hair color 
3. Do anything except chopping it off. 

That's all for today ... 
Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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