Monday, May 5, 2014

Am I Racist ?!' ... ❤

Am i ?!' You tell me !

I don't like (typical) Malays & (typical) immigrate workers and never did. 
But i like Indians ! 

So what do you think ?' 
Racist, still ?' Whatever !

tell you why ?!' 
Because do you ever came across that chinese or indian leering at you lasciviously ?' 
You did ! Everyone did. The thing is how often. 

Majority of them (chinese and indian) don't do that.
Majority of Malays and immigrate workers do that. Almost all the time. 
This is an act of irreverence to ladies !

(typical) Malays are haughty and lazy. 
Immigrate workers are lascivious but most of them are rather hard working. 

Most of the time, my statements refer to guys. 
I'm trying not to be bitchy to gals because being gals is hard.

(typical) Malays are haughty. 
They are not friendly nor nice. I never get it why they are so (in this case, the Malay ladies won) ! 

If someone is nice, no matter what race is he/she or even it. 
African ! Bangaladesh ! Filipino or whatsoever. 
I will be nice and even like the 'someone' ! 

I am an easy-going person. 
I'm easy to be satisfied. Easy to be appeased. Easy to be shooed away. xD

(typical) Malays are lazy. 
I'm sorry that i cannot seem to appreciate the laziness. 
I know lazy people find the quickest way to do things and they might be smart.But ... 
Normally this didn't apply on them. They are just simply lazy that i don't think they are 'lazy' enough to think of finding a way to cope with all the jobs quick. 
They just normally don't. 

They took granted of what they are given and never show appreciation. 

Being said that i look like Malay actually somehow flare me up.
I work damn hard here and you quote me with someone that are so typically xxxx ?' 
(even if it is just the resemblance)

Even though i should be proud of it because i don't look like Chinese. 
"Wah ! You look so Chinese !" <-- this is the most scariest phrase in my life. xD 

Notice that i added the "(typical)" ?!' 
It means ... 

If you feel offended then ... 
Lol. You are simply one of them. 
Nothing else.

Because i do admire some Malays that are not so typical. 
They built their own career. Have their own firm. Work hard.

So ... 

One more thing !
I don't really mind people taking advantages of me but the thing is do you worth it ?' 

Most of the time, NO !

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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