Sunday, May 11, 2014

陳奕迅 - 你給我聽好 ... ❤

你看看大夥兒合照 就你一個人沒有笑
是我們裝傻 還是你真的有很多普通人沒有的困擾

Everyone's been through something or being through something ... 
No one have a life with just happiness and succeed ! No one ! 
So why don't you just be happy and stop emo-ing & stop 'bragging' about how miserable your life is when there is someone out there is more misery than you ?' Just STFU and listen to Eason Chan, #Lol. 

你在想誰想到睡不著 你應該覺得驕傲
很多人想失戀也沒有目標 只是想睡個好覺 別炫耀

You should be proud, #Lol. 
Enjoy your heart-broken moments because when you finally found someone who is your Mr./Mrs. Right, he/she hardly gonna break your heart. #JustSaying

I'm the one whom Eason Chan is singing about ! 
想失戀也沒有目標 xD

你給我聽好 想哭就要笑

新的剛來到 舊的就忘掉

你給我聽好 想哭就要笑
This is all about LIFE. No matter what've had happened, you gonna live and you're not gonna died so why not smile and be positive ?!' Nothing lasts forever ! Nothing ! Not even miserable life. 

I'm finding this song lyric is EPIC ! I'm falling deep in love with Eason Chan already ! 
Stay Strong and Love Yourself more. ❤

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