Friday, May 23, 2014

[CafeKL] Delicious, St Mary Residences ... ❤

Had dinner with INTI bitches before our class. 

Everyday is a HAPPY day when you mix with the right person. 
Thinking back to my previous schooling experience, none of them is like this one. 
(but still, met nice person)

So we went to delicious which located behind INTI Kuala Lumpur. 

It was my first time visited delicious and i love the ambience of it. 
It wasn't crowded and it was quite serene. 
It is a good place for study and chilling even when you feel like having some "me time".

I was quite impressed with the menu. 
There is a lots of vegan dishes and they've marked a "V" on those dishes so vegans don't have to go through one by one, looking at the ingredients, confuse about the dishes. YEAH ~ 

I will definitely go back ! 

Let's move on to the dishes we ordered. 

First, Nic's salad which costed RM22.90. 
He loves it ! He said he only order this one whenever he visits delicious ! 

Second, the Spicy Aglio Olio + Mushrooms "V" costed RM20.80.
It was just fine. Not really that good or bad. But ...
the mushrooms and the red-color pieces thingy tasted good !

Third, the Big Raspberry Macaroon costed RM7. 
Quite nice. Nothing like overloaded sweetness. 

Link :-

*pardon my bare face and the eyebags >...<*

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