Thursday, May 29, 2014

[CafeKL] The Loft in Pavilion, KL ... ❤

Isn't it a mecca when a restaurant serves meal and pastry ?

Sorry that you never see sausage or something like that ...
Because i'm a Vegan ! >...<

It was my second time been to #TheLoft. 

I love their field fresh mushroom salad (RM16) and mushroom quiche (RM6). ❤
They are damn good. 

I love mushroom. xD

Regarding the mixed nuts croissant (RM4.9) ...
It wasn't to my liking. Those nuts together are sticky. I was gnawing on it for some time before i managed to swallow them. I guess my jaw muscle has become more palpable. >...< The croissant was hard instead of crispy. :(

The ambience of the restaurant is good. 
Suitable for hangout session with friends, some "me-time", checking pedestrian out and so on. 

Their customer service was quite good as well. 
(i went there personally not as a blogger)

There is some construction going on in the vicinity so there will be cacophony. 

 Thanks for reading. ❤

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