Monday, May 26, 2014

I AM SINGLE, so what ?' ... ❤

"Do you get yourself a boyfriend already ?'"
One of the sentences that makes my blood boil like hell. 

People care and people ask ...
Then it is fine. My answer is "No." with a sad face. 

The thing is ... 
Someone out there asked this fucking question because they think they obliged to know and if the answer was "Yes, i do. " then they will start all the hassle. 

He is your boyfriend not your son and he might as well cheating on you just that you haven't found it out so stop being so damn arrogant and proud about yourself having a boyfriend. 

Single means i'm not good enough for any guys ?'
Single means something wrong with me that no guy deserve to be with me ?' 
Single means i'm having bad habit that made all the guys back off ?'
Single means i'm fucking incompetence ?' 

What the fuck man ?' 

To be honest, yea ~
I do feel somehow incompetence whenever i think of my dream !
I wanna to be married in the earlier of my 20s and have children then go back to my study and then build my career life. 

But it is just a dream ...
It hardly to be happened and yes ! It is an absurd one, i know. 

I have changed my heart. 

I wanna finish my diploma and get to degree then get a good-paid job and get back everything that have fallen apart in the last 2 years. 

The one who meant to be here will eventually find his way to be here. 
There is no need to be upset or rushing. 

Maybe i just haven't met the right one. 

There is nothing wrong for being single. 

Feeling lonely while waiting for the right one is definitely better than keep trying with the wrong ones. 
I hate wasting time. #VaginaSagsLikeHellduetodifferentsizes 

Whereas, having a boyfriend never make you more competence or so on. 

That's all. 
And stop pissing people off with your stupid sense.

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Keiagasshi said...

you still very young.
there's no harm of being single.
and sometimes single person is happier than those who have bf/gf.

better single then coupling with a wrong guy.