Wednesday, May 28, 2014

If i Were her ... ❤


He cheated and get caught redhanded. 

The thing is ... 
Everyone cheated especially men when come to relationship !

Majority of them cheated. 
It doesn't really matter whether it is / was before marriage or married. They cheat / cheated. They had sex with someone beside their wife/girlfriend.

 But that doesn't mean they ain't love you no more. 
Sex and love are totally different animal for men. 

They could have sex with tons of others but love the only one. 

The thing is ...
Whether you - the wife or the girlfriend will ever find out !

When you found out, what will you do ?
Waiting for the axe to fall on your matrimony ?' or 
Turn a blind eye to it ? 

Take it or leave it ...
Everyone cheats. 

With all the eyes on you, what can you do if you still wanna cheat ?
Be damn furtive so no one get hurt.

I never know why they cheated !
Why they never appreciate someone who willing to spend their time and youth with them ?'
Why they able to kiss another girl while in love with you ! Why they able to fuck someone else who he is not in love ! Or maybe they are just lying about in love with you. #hmph ...

"Sorry" means nothing if they don't think they've made the mistake.

Yea ~
It is normal that guy cheated. But ...
It is not normal that we - girls to forgive guys who cheated on us.

If i were her, i will drop the axe.
No girls able to be so generous on that.
Albeit that we decided to let it go and let you get away this very time, the incident will always on the back of our mind. Never forget.

In the end, it is all depend on who and what is the guy for you !
Gambateh, every women. ❤

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Keiagasshi said...

I think every guys have a cheat genes.
but it really depend on the person.

and some guy could faking love.
so dont easy to fall with "I love you" talk.
without any action, it's just lie :).

nice blog btw, I've been reading your blogpost for a while and decide to drop comment in some of your post.