Friday, May 9, 2014

My Experience with Havaianas ... ❤

As i grow older, I no longer like fancy shoes ... 

No more high heels ...
Even though i think i born to clad in high heels #Lol. 
Maybe for some special occasion but not at all frequent ! 

I don't think i need to dwell on what is the cons of wearing heels too often or so ...

Nowadays, i only invest in GOOD QUALITY of running shoe and casual shoe (like slipper)! 

I love slipper (or maybe sandal) a lots ! 
(my feet hardly look good on sandal >...<)
Because i don't have to worry about after a long day of walking, my shoes will get stinky, my toes will get distorted and else. 

So i have been doing some research on a good pair of casual shoe, eg. flip flop, sandal, slipper and etc. from different brands. 

I don't drive nor take cab so i basically walk a lots. 
So a good pair of shoes is more than needed. 

At least something that will not make you slip / feel slippery when the floor is wet. 

After few weeks of research, i almost gave up ...
Due to the price, the testimonies and etc... 

But then i realized i haven't check them out ... 

It is Havaianas

I'm gonna share my experience on the purchasing and how i feel when i walk on them for hours. 

I had tried to get some testimonies from the internet (before the transaction happened) but there are few to naught. 
So i'm gonna share mine and here you go for one more testimony.

This is the one i purchased in the end. Picture from Havaianas's page. 

Sometimes, i am super indecisive. 
Sometimes, i am super snappy !

This day, me myself chosen to be super duper indecisive. 

First, i tried sandals on. 
Every color. Every size. 

Then unisex slipper. 
There was three color and i requested to try them but there wasn't my size. 

Then i said " I'm going to take this. Can you get me a new one ?' " 
The shop assistant went in to the storeroom. 

While waiting, i go around the store and checked out others. Then ...
"Can i try this one ?' Maybe this one as well ?' My size ?'" 

(Oh ! I don't at all trying to remember what size i'm wearing ...)

After i'd tried almost up to 20 pairs of shoes then only i decided that i cannot be so petulant ...
And decided on one. 

Of course i like it. 
Or else i would just be thick-faced and walk out the store. #Lol. 

What i'm trying to say is ... 
The shop assistant didn't at all get peevish. The voice she's having not at all raspy even after the number pairs of shoes i'd tried on. Still cheerful enough ! 

Means ?' 
Excellent services ! Don't you think so ?' 
If i were her, i would have just shoo myself out the shop even getting sack is the repercussion.

The outlet i went to is Pavillion, 5th Floor. 
A chubby lady. Long Black Hair. 
(didn't get her name but there was only one lady shop assistant) 

What do i think after hours of walking ?' 

I have yet to know whether it will scarred my legs (anyhow) but so far it did a good job. 
The gripping force of the base is quite strong (or maybe it is still new) especially when the floor is wet. 
I didn't feel strained-legs after hours of walking ! 
Not just that, it also make my feet looks fairer. #Lol. 
(with the color i've chosen lah)

It is plain but beautiful and gracious. 
You get what i mean ?' 

Anyways, I hope they will restore their Havaianas Malaysia's page ... 
making sure the store got in as many as possible the models they had released. 

My reviews always have been true, so does this one. 
I purchased it. They are not given to me. 
No commodity pictures by me because i'm lazy. >...< 

Lastly, i hope nothing will come up to contradicting my own words. In this post. xD 

Have A Nice Weekend ... ❤

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Keiagasshi said...

I love wearing slippers too...
I just wear high heels occasionally.

but mine not havaianas, because I'm cheapskate (>_<).