Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Fat Pocket - Fashion Spotting ?!!!'

Fashion Spotting ?' 

I think it is more like humiliating !

Someone is expert in dressing and someone is not !
If everyone is expert at doing it, then what make you standout ?' 

WAIT ! What i'm trying to say is ... 
Is mothers also need to be dressed up and be fashionable anywhere and everywhere they go ?' 

They've spent most of their life on children and they don't need to be fashionable to get YOUR respect ! Am i not right here ?' 

Why the fuck there is someone out there so irreverence and so cruel with the name Sukyi Yee skulk and took those pictures and posted it on a quite well-known website - My Fat Pocket ?' 
I have no idea why My Fat Pocket approved all those posts (i think it have responsibility on those articles gua) !
What if their children see it ?' What if she herself see that ?' What if it is your own mother that get featured ?' Sukyi Yee ?!'' I guess you will be damn proud about that ! Or maybe you just don't have one !
(i went through few pages and so far most of the articles posted by her and another author don't really have the 'disaster' thing)

I guess if her mother find out all this 'brilliant articles', she will be damn 'proud' for her daughter. 

Come on ! 
If you don't feel like respecting people then at least show yourself some !

I do not mean that fashion is not applicable for mothers but the thing is how often do you see mothers really dressed up ?' They do ! But only for special occasion like Mother's Day celebration ! 

I used to like My Fat Pocket because of a well-known blogger and even requested to join them but now ?!' Lol. No thank !
(i started to feel NO NO for Singapore already ! Blah ...)

WHAT IF YOUR MOTHER GET FEATURED ?' or your father, sister(s) or brother(s) ?' 
(they do teenager's outfit disaster as well) 

Seriously, i think someone need to stop this ! 
(i know their faces are not being show but still !!!)

Yes ! You can do fashion spotting as you like. 
But puh-lezzzz, stop doing the disaster thing ! I know you are just plagiarizing ! 
Normal people don't dress to go into the limelight (except those who wishes to be spotted so badly)! 

and NO ! 
My mother does not get feature in there ... 

Thank you. 

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