Wednesday, May 21, 2014

[DESSERT] Sweet Hut in Berjaya Times Square ... ❤


So ... 
I went to the Sweet Hut located in Berjaya Times Square just in front of the cinema. 

They serve Milk Crepes Cakes and this was what attracted me.

I had Fresh Fruits Pancake and Charcoal Milk Crepes Cake. 
Egg Tarts are for me and my INTI bitches xD

So ... 
How was the dishes ?' 

Let's start with the Pancake with Fresh Fruits and Oreo Ice Cream first ... 
I don't like the pancake. End of story (for pancake). 
The fruits is not that FRESH as you can see with the color of strawberry. End.
The Oreo Ice Cream. No Comment. 

Do i recommend this ?'
NO !

Let's move on to the egg tarts ... 
There was quite a lot of sweetness at the crepe and i don't really taste egg ... End.

Do i recommend this ?' 
NO !

Let's move on to the final part - Charcoal Milk Crepes Cake ...
I can't form any words to describe the taste but one thing for sure, i love it. There is description on the menu says that it helps absorb toxic and promote health. (something to that effect lah~ I can't remember) 

Do i recommend this ?'

Thanks for reading ... ❤

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