Sunday, May 4, 2014

They Say I Look Like ... ❤





LOL ~! 
Take it easy man ! I might be racist but i don't let this frivolity get to my nerve when there is tons of others i have to take care of. Just trying to do some updating so here is the piffling. xD But based on true story ! =.= I have no idea why the guy did this to me ! He talked to me face to face then when he double checked with his mum who to look for, he told his mom there is no Chinese in the office ! Which mean i'm not Chinese to him. He is a Chinese ! He supposed to know that i'm a Chinese too ! Oh man ~ You doubly disappointed me ! 

Now no doubt that i get tanned (from running outdoor) and have to put more effort on whitening. :( 

Okay lah ~ 
Tell you the truth ... 

That is i have been "quoted" as not only Malay but Filipino, Korean, Taiwanese, Mix and etc. 
But surely not Indian nor white. :( 

Quite proud of it actually even though i'm not really pleased with the Malay resembly. xD 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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