Thursday, May 15, 2014

You Think You have Enough RESPECT for yourself ?' ... ❤

Seriously ~ 
Some guy just need to stop disgracing guys (community) !

Respect ladies ! 
If you don't feel like it then at least respect yourself ! 


Keep your fucking hands in your pants !
Stop thinking all sort of way to get into ladies's pants or even lay your fucking hands on them. 
(what i mean is molestation) 

To be someone who futile/useless ?' Or be someone who has self-esteem ?' 
You choose to be who you are !

WATCH what your stare is lingering at ! 
Staring at those part and start imagining or even leering at girls unpleasantly will not get yourself sucked. If you are that horny (you didn't fuck for quite some time then fucking pay for it - prostitute with AIDS) !
Don't show your fucking desire in the PUBLIC ! 

WATCH what you're saying !
" 男人不壞, 女人不愛 " I can't believe someone still saying something like this and he literally meant he himself !
Please ! If you are as handsome as AndyLau then you will be automatically announced amnesty for being a badass (it is because he is an idol ! No one likes badass in real no matter who you are) but if you don't ! You are not allowed to be a badass and saying something like this that irritated people's ears (and somehow it is considerably sexual harassment)! 
OVERCONFIDENT perhaps ?' *roll eyes* 

Seriously ! 
Stop Leering at people lecherously ! Stop saying something that harassing people's ears ! Stop trying to lay your fucking hands on people's pants ! 
I don't fucking care whether i myself (or you construe as i'm) referring to ladies, gays, guys or whatsoever !

If you have ENOUGH self-esteem, you ain't doing any of  those things that are disgracing yourself. 

Thank You ! 

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