Thursday, June 5, 2014

[CafeKL] Ben's in Pavilion ... ❤

So we went to Ben's after our business test. xD
Well done on the business test. #yeah

I wanted to visit Ben's since i have tried their red velvet cake on an event.
It is the best red velvet cake i have ever had in my life. 

But i decided to try on the other cake because they are all look so tasty. 
I had the Rocky Road Cake. - RM 14.00

It wasn't to my liking. :(
The marshmallow was too sticky (for a marshmallow) and the cake was too heavy and sticky ?' I couldn't myself to finish it up. I think i would vomit. >...< 

Nibble - S. Button Mushrooms. - RM 16.00
I'm a mushroom freak and i wanna have every mushroom dishes! xD 
It was nice but i think you have to share it if you ordered it because they are fried! Having too much may cause you a fever! 
The amount is not really substantial with its price but it is NICE. The mushroom is fresh.  

There was Apple Crumble - around RM12.00
Apple Crumble/Pie never my cup of tea so i couldn't bring myself to comment whether it is nice or else >...< 

Ben's Chocolate Cake - around RM12.00 
It tasted the best between the cakes we had ordered. >...<
But it wasn't mine so i only have a few bites on it. It serves with a considerably big scoop of ice cream and it tasted good. The cake is super black in color so it is quite hard to get a good and clear picture on it with my phone >...< Sorry!

The ambient is nice enough but in certain area like the table we were having, it was warm. So warm that we might start sweating. 
The customer service was just okay okay. They don't take the initiative to refill people's drinking water and their responsiveness is considerably slow (when we ask for refilling). >...< 
Or maybe they were busy with other diners ?' (yea ~ we went there around 8)
If i didn't mistaken, there is no wifi. 

They have a 'topics box' on the table to ease the awkward moment during your hang out session. 
Like " What are you thinking when you brush your teeth ?' " and so on. 

Thanks for reading ... ❤

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