Sunday, June 1, 2014

[CafeKL] Caffe Bene in Solaris ... ❤


Finally ! 
I have been to Caffe Bene ! The famous korean cafe ! 

People said it is good and people said it is overrated. 
So which one is it ?' Hmph ...

I would say it depends on which outlet you are going to people ...

I decided to try it even though i'd had my damn big portion of breakfast that morning.
Because i don't always in Mon't Kiara or Sunway area and it is a famous cafe! #howcanyounottry

We went to the one located in Solaris. 
The ambient is perfect. Perfect for hangout, chilling or even some "me-time" !
The wifi speed was quite good. 

We went there in the morning and we shunned the queuing fate. #Lol. 

The clincher that made me never revisit is ...
The FOOD !

The Blueberries Yogurt Waffle, X nice. - RM13-00
The waffle tasted like it had been there - on the counter for quite some time before it's been served to us. #Yucks! But the yogurt + blueberries tasted not bad, fresh but they didn't look nice, they looked like slush compare to the display one in the cabinet. >...< The size of the waffle is smaller than my hand (slightly bigger than my palm) and with the price of it, i think it is a little costly. I believe that yogurt and blueberries (jam) is an ingredient we all able to get it easily from any of the groceries shopping, right ?' 

The Cookies & Cream Bingsu. - RM12-80
I couldn't tell whether the Oreo on the top is 'fresh' because it wasn't mine but i had tried on it and #LOL. It tasted exactly like ice. Plain ice but grind. Those cookies located just below the cream tasted bland. or should i say Null. It tasted like the ice. :O Sorry to say that but i think those ABC from the mamak or hawker stall are better than this. >...< 

It is famous so you might die to have a try on it and i wouldn't say "DON'T" because never try, never know ! Go ahead or maybe you will like it. Some said Strawberry Bingsu is the nicest one. I don't know and i doubt that i will ever get the interest to find it out. :)

Maybe their beverage are good or what but i really don't think the waffle and bingsu are good enough to make people spend on it or even pay them a visit. >...< Or maybe just Blueberry Yogurt waffle and Cookie & cream Bingsu !

Good Luck ! ❤

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